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You can now try reading some of the contents of “Hiroshima Genki Hon”!


Try reading some of the contents of “Hiroshima Genki Hon”!


In Hiroshima, there are not only tourist attractions such as the Atomic Bomb Dome and Miyajima, but there are many attractive people who will cheer you up when you meet them.
Therefore, the Hiroshima Prefectural Tourism Federation (HIT) has been releasing a tourist guide book “Hiroshima Genki Hon,” which proposes “a new trip to meet people” nationwide from December 14.
From 157 people who were publicly invited on SNS, 23 people including outdoor masters, street performers, and samba dancers who overcame intractable diseases appeared!
I produced everything from coverage, editing, and publishing to Hiroshima.
Please take a look and enjoy a new journey to meet people.
Sales location: Amazon https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4990315073/
Rakuten Books https://books.rakuten.co.jp/rb/16924290/
Some bookstores, etc.
Price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
Supervised by: Hiroshima Prefecture Tourism Federation (HIT)
Publisher: Michi Corporation
[Updated 03.09!]
Here are some of the contents of “Hiroshima Genki Hon”!
Please download it from the following and see it.

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