To everyone considering visiting Hiroshima during and around the G7summit (5/18-22)


Since the G7 summit will be held in May this year, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who are planning to visit Hiroshima from 5/18 (Thu) to 22 (Mon). This may include restrictions on access to some facilities or traffic restriction which may cause you to not be able to travel according to your planned itinerary.
Please enjoy sightseeing in Hiroshima by switching the time of your visit.


・The G7 summit will be held in Hiroshima for 3 days from 5/19 (Friday) to 21 (Sun) this year.
・Currently, only the summit venue: Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima and the International Media Center: Hiroshima Prefectural Gymnasium has been decided.

Traffic regulations and total traffic volume control

・During and around the summit period, when important people such as leaders of each country visit Hiroshima, and when important people travel (between airports, summit venues, VIP lodging hotels, VIP stops, etc.), traffic restrictions will be carried out in neighboring regions centered around Hiroshima City.
・ (Taking into account when VIPs come and leave) It is expected that for the 5 days from 5/18 (Thu) to 22 (Monday), it will not be possible to travel around punctually using public transportation due to traffic restrictions.
* Depending on the status of decisions such as where VIPs stop by, etc., it is also expected that specific traffic regulation information will not be disclosed until just before.
・Along with this, Hiroshima will implement measures to control total traffic volume for 5 days from 5/18 to 22 with the goal of “reducing traffic volume by 50% on expressways within the prefecture and general roads in central Hiroshima.”
Reference: Traffic regulation information (Citizens Council for the Hiroshima Summit website)

Restrictions on facilities due to VIP visits

・From the Hiroshima Summit Prefectural Assembly, a request form has been submitted to the government requesting that dignitaries such as leaders of each country visit the Peace Memorial Park and Peace Memorial Museum.
Reference: National request activity (prefectural assembly website)
・Since there is a possibility that dignitaries such as leaders of each country will visit the Peace Memorial Park during the G7 Hiroshima Summit, the Peace Memorial Park (including the Atomic Bomb Dome) access restrictions will be imposed and the facility will be closed as follow.
[Period of restricted access and closure]
From 2023/5/18 (Thursday) 12:00 till the summit-related events end (scheduled for 5/21 (Sun)).
[Facilities that will be closed]
・Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
・Hiroshima International Conference Hall
・Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Rest House
・Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
Reference: Restrictions on entry to Peace Memorial Park and the closure of facilities in Peace Memorial Park due to the G7 summit

Change of event timing

Currently, the events that have been decided to be rescheduled are as follows.
・2023 Hiroshima Flower Festival is scheduled to be held from 2023/6/10 (Sat) to 11 (Sun)
2023 Hiroshima Flower Festival website
・Hatsukaichi City Sports Festival scheduled to be postponed in May
・Hiroshima Toyo Carp game schedule 2023/5/8 (Mon) to 22 (Mon) games will not be hosted

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