Simose Art Museum selected as the “World's Most Beautiful Museum” in 2024!


The “The World's Most Beautiful Museums” list of the architectural award Prix Versailles established at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) headquarters in 2015 was announced on 6/13, and Simose Art Museum (Otake City, Hiroshima Prefecture) was selected!

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  • 20240614_20240614_下瀬美術館、2024年「_20240614_下瀬美術館、2024年「世界で最も美しい美術館」に選出! (2)
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  • 20240614_20240614_下瀬美術館、2024年「_20240614_下瀬美術館、2024年「世界で最も美しい美術館」に選出! (3)
  • 20240614_20240614_下瀬美術館、2024年「_20240614_下瀬美術館、2024年「世界で最も美しい美術館」に選出! (2)

What is the Prix Versailles (World Versailles Prize Organization)?

Since its establishment, it is a global architecture award selected by judging famous architects and philosophers for 7 categories such as airports, commercial facilities, hotels, and sports facilities around the world.
In 2024, which marks the 10th anniversary, the “Museums” category was newly established, and 7 facilities around the world, including the Simose Art Museum, were selected.
In late November 2024, 3 of these facilities will receive the Best Versailles Award, Special Interior Award, and Special Exterior Award, and will be announced at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

〇2024 “World's Most Beautiful Museums” List
・A4 Art Museum (China)
・Grand Egyptian Museum (Egypt)
・Smritivan Earthquake Museum (India)
・Simose Art Museum (Japan)
・Paleis Het Loo (Netherlands)
・Oman Across Ages Museum (Oman)
・Polish History Museum (Poland)

〇Prix Versailles Homepage

What is Simose Art Museum?


This museum opened in March 2023 in Otake City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Designed by Mr. Ban Shigeru, a Japanese architect active in the world.
The concept is “seeing art within art.” The colorful cube-shaped “movable exhibition room” lined up on the water basin that symbolizes the facility is an exhibition space unparalleled in the world where Mr. Ban was inspired by the islands of Setouchi and can be moved by the buoyancy of the water to change the arrangement pattern. Along with appreciating the works on display, you can also enjoy a walk through the “Emile Gallé Garden” where seasonal flowers blow in the wind, and the observation area “Seaview Terrace,” where you can see the beauty of the archipelago in the Seto Inland Sea, and spend a moment enjoying the architecture and art.

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