Hiroshima Traditional Performing Art "Kagura" Show (Hiroshima Gate Park)

Enjoy the traditional performing art of Hiroshima in the center of Hiroshima City!

Tickets on sale at Ticket Pia are sold out.

There are only a few tickets available on the day of the event. Please note that tickets may no longer be available even if you come to the venue.


Hiroshima Traditional Performing Art "Kagura" Show (Hiroshima Gate Park)

Enjoy the traditional performing art of Hiroshima in the center of Hiroshima City!

The Hiroshima Kagura Promotion Executive Committee will be giving two consecutive evenings of kagura performances to promote “kagura,”a well-known traditional performing art of Hiroshima, outside of the prefecture and to create a lively evening and night atmosphere in the central city area.

The 2023 show, which marks the 16th time, will be held at “Hiroshima Gate Park Oyane Hiroba.”

Starting this year, you can enjoy the show while having refreshments and hot soup.

Further Information *The link is to a Japanese page. Please use your browser's translation function. https://www.hiroshimacci.or.jp/tourist/yokagura2023 



2023/11/25(SAT) - 2023/11/26(SUN)
Doors open at 5:20 PM. The performance begins at 6:00 PM, scheduled to end around 8:00 PM.
Hiroshima Gate Park (Oyane Hiroba)
Admission fee: 2,000 yen (tax included, all seats reserved, ticketing service fee not included)

*Admission ticket with okonomiyaki half size, soup, and soft drink.

*Please refer to the leaflet below for purchase methods and precautions.

*Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks will be sold at the venue.

※Seats will be assigned according to the serial number on the ticket.
(Seating is not in order of arrival.) Seats will be announced at the time of admission.
Event content
Date Performers: Kagura Troupe Program
November 25(Sat) Takai Kagura Troupe (Saeki Ward, Hiroshima City) Lady Takiyasha, Jinrin
November 26 (Sun) Hasadke Kagura Troupe (Takamiya Town, Akitakata City) Momiji-gari, Yamata-no Orochi

*Click on the name of the programs to read the summary.


Please purchase tickets on the Ticket"PIA" website (P code: 522-735) or from a 7-Eleven photocopier.

Same-day tickets will be sold at the venue on a first-come, first-served basis.

5-25 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Tourism Promotion Division, Industry and Regional Development Department, Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Address: 5-44 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi

Phone number: 082-222-6651


Summary of the plays

Takiyasha-hime(Lady Takiyasha)
About 1,000 years ago, the aristocrats in Kyoto, the capital of Japan, lived in the lap of luxury while the people living outside of the capital lived in poverty. Angered at this disparity of wealth, General Taira-no-Masakado, a resident of the Kanto area, decided to overthrow the current government and create his own capital province in the east where wealth would be distributed more evenly. However, when the government received word of his plans, they ordered him and his entire family to be killed. This play centers on Takiyasha, the sole survivor of the Taira clan massacre. Seeking revenge, she is gifted dark magical powers by a god and assembles an army to destroy the government forces who murdered her family.

The 14th Emperor of Japan, Tarashinakatsuhiko, faces a vast army of tens of thousands that have come to attack Japan from a foreign land. When the emperor hears that the army has at their command a winged demon known as Jinrin that flies upon a black cloud causing havoc, he takes up his heavenly bow and arrow, and together with Takamaro, sets out to defeat the demon. After a fierce battle, the emperor is victorious.

Originally a Noh chant, it was turned into a kagura play featuring Taira-no-Koremochi, a military commander during the Heian period, as the main character. When rumors reach the capital that demon women, who live deep in the forests of Mt. Togakushi in Shinshū, are terrorizing the people of the surrounding villages, Koremochi is ordered to destroy them and heads to Shinshū. But, the demon women, having heard that Koremochi is on his way, decide to lure him to a maple leaf-viewing party deep in the mountain forest. There, they pour him cup after cup of sake and once he’s inebriated, the demons strike. However, the god Yahata-no-Kami realizes the danger that Koremochi is in and sends his messenger, Takeuchi-no-Kami, to deliver a sacred sword to him. Regaining consciousness thanks to divine intervention, Koremochi uses the divine sword to defeat the demon women.

Chant: In a village without demons in Togakushi, the sun sets and tonight, the faces of demon women await

Yamata-no-Orochi (The Eight-Headed Snake Demon)
In the land of Izumo-no-Kuni (current eastern Shimane prefecture), there lived an elderly couple with eight daughters. However, year by year and one by one, their daughters were eaten by a fearsome eight-headed snake demon called Yamata-no-Orochi. Left with only one precious daughter, the elderly couple was in despair over how to save her. It was then that the powerful god, Susano-o, happened upon the elderly couple and their daughter. When he asked why they were so sad, they told him the story, and he agreed to slay the demon in exchange for their daughter's hand in marriage. 'The elderly couple agreed, and Susano-o hatched a plan to slay the demon: he has the elderly couple make a barrel of poisoned sike, then, their daughter stands behind it, so her reflection is visible in the sake. Orochi would then consume the sake, thinking it was the daughter, and be weakened by the poison. Once weakened, Susano-o would attack and triumph over Orochi.

Susano-o’s plan works, and after slaying the demon, a sword falls from its stomach. Susano-o claims the sword as proof of his victory, and is becomes a national treasure.


5-25 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

For those arriving by streetcar

1 minute walk from Hiroshima Electric Railway “Genbaku Dome-mae” stop, 2 minute walk from “Kamiyacho Nishi” stop

For those arriving by Astram Line

Get off at “Kenchomae” and walk for 4 minutes

For those arriving by bus

Get off at “Kamiyacho” and walk for 1 minute/ Get off at “Hiroshima Bus Center” and walk for 4 minutes

For those arriving by sea

5 minutes on foot from the Hiroshima World Heritage route “Motoyasu Pier”

For those arriving by car

There is no private parking lot. Please use a nearby paid parking lot.

For those arriving by bicycle

Please use the dedicated bicycle parking lot in the park (north side of the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

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