The flower garden of Hyakuhana Ryoran is a breathtaking beauty

At Sera Kogen Farm, the fields are beautifully colored with seasonal flowers every year. Spring is cherry blossoms and tulips. Approximately 800 pink showers and colorful spring flowers bloom splendidly, centering on weeping cherry blossoms. About 750,000 tulips are planted with different designs for each field. In summer, about 1.1 million sunflowers dye the entire hillside, which is wider than Mazda Stadium, yellow. Autumn is dahlia and garden mum. About 7,500 dahlias of 550 types boast the largest number of varieties in western Japan. The colorful Asteraceae Garden Mum has also newly appeared, evolving into a more colorful flower garden. There is also a delicious flower cafe with herbal tea,


business hours
09: 00 ~ 18: 00 * Last admission is 17:00
Open daily during the event
Admission fee: Adults 700-1,200 yen, Children 200-600 yen *Admission fee varies daily depending on the flowering situation.
729-33051124-11 Betsusako, Sera-cho, Sera-gun
Phone Number
Number of parking spaces
Parking fee
Parking notes
1000 units (free)


1124-11 Betsusako, Sera-cho, Sera-gun

About 15 minutes by car from China Yamanami Kaido Sera IC, about 30 minutes by car from China Yamanami Kaido Kisa IC, or about 50 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway Kochi IC.

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