1000 cherry blossoms blooming on the lakeside are beautiful

A lake with a reservoir capacity of 7.54 million tons created by the Mukunashi Dam. The shores of the lake are lined with cherry blossom trees, and it is known as a famous cherry blossom viewing spot that reflects on the surface of the water. In April, the rows of cherry blossom trees are lit up with paper lanterns, creating a magical nighttime view of the cherry blossoms. On the west side of the lake, there is also a plaza where you can enjoy fishing and park golf, and it is maintained as a resting place for driving. Michi-no-Eki Yogansu Hakuryu, located on the east side of the lake, has a direct market where you can buy special products, and a little upstream there is a vast sports village park where you can enjoy various sports.


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Waki, Daiwa-cho, Mihara-shi
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Waki, Daiwa-cho, Mihara-shi

[By car] ・About 20 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Kawachi IC via Flight Road Yamato Minami IC ・About 30 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Hongo IC

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