An old shrine dedicated to Susano-no-Mikoto, famous as one of the three major Gion districts of Bingo

This shrine is an old shrine dedicated to Susanoo's life and is famous as one of the three major Gions in Bingo. The company treasure "Mikoshi" is designated as an important cultural property of the prefecture, and has a height of 3.4m, a width of 2.1m, and a weight of 1.5t. In addition, the old Fuji tree in the precincts is also a natural monument designated by the prefecture, with a root circumference of 3.5 m and a height of 2.5 m, making it the second largest tree in Hiroshima prefecture.


729-41031072 Konucho Hichi, Miyoshi City
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50 units


1072 Konucho Hichi, Miyoshi City

Car Approximately 40 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Mihara-Kui IC, approximately 40 minutes from Chugoku Expressway Miyoshi IC, approximately 30 minutes from Shobara IC Public JR Fukuen Line Konu Station 10 minutes walk, Hiroshima Bus Center Peace Liner 2 hours to Konu Station

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