An art museum with the theme of harmony between nature, people and culture

The approach to the museum, which has the theme of harmony between nature, people and culture, starts from the promenade of the forest where beautiful flowers bloom every season. It is a facility that realizes the desire to deepen the understanding of art through art appreciation in an environment blessed with abundant nature. The collection includes a collection of Japanese paintings centered on the works of Takeuchi Seiho, a master of modern Japanese painting, Nara picture books, picture scrolls, ukiyo-e paintings, Chinese prints, and historical materials related to Iwakura, which has been designated as an important cultural property. Over. There is also a collection of perfume bottles from ancient Egypt to the present day.


business hours
10: 00 ~ 17: 00 * Admission is until 16:30
Monday * However, if Monday is a national holiday, the museum will be open and closed on the following Tuesday. The museum is also closed during the exhibition change period. Please contact us for details (0829-56-3221)
General / 1,000 yen, high school student / 500 yen, junior high school student or younger / free, half price for those who have a disability certificate. One person is free of charge. 200 yen discount for groups of 20 or more. Also, if you come by taxi, one person is free to enter each taxi. Please present the taxi receipt for the day at the reception when you enter the hotel.
739-048110701 Onogamegaoka, Hatsukaichi
Phone Number
Fax number
Number of parking spaces
Parking fee
Parking notes
100 units (free)


10701 Onogamegaoka, Hatsukaichi

About 10 minutes by taxi from Miyajimaguchi Station on the JR Sanyo Main Line. Or about 10 minutes by car from the Ono IC on the Sanyo Expressway

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