This mountain is called Chigetsuyama Tojiin Saigoji Temple, and the sect is Ji-shu, whose founder is Ippen Shonin. is. The main hall and Daimon are nationally designated important cultural properties. It was erected in the second year of Bunwa (1353) with the donation of the temple name, Nenjibutsu, Buddhist territory and 20,000 pieces of money from Mr. Takauji Ashikaga. The main hall best represents the architectural style of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and is valuable as the remains of the oldest main hall of Ji-shu. Daimon was erected in 1395 by Nun Oei, who was the wife of the Bingo Aikata castle owner. It has been reported.


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8-40 Higashikubocho, Onomichi City

Car Approximately 25 minutes from the Sanyo Expressway Onomichi IC Public JR Sanyo Main Line Onomichi Station, about 8 minutes by bus bound for the east, get off at the Jijiguchi, about 10 minutes on foot

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