A castle-shaped navy museum that is rare in Japan

Built in 1983 in Innoshima, the hometown of the Navy, it is a castle-shaped Navy Museum that is rare in Japan. From the Northern and Southern Dynasties to the Muromachi Warring States period, the Murakami Suigun conquered the sea routes around here and played an active role as a navy kingdom. Raising the flag of the Hachiman Daibosatsu, it made its name known from the Korean Peninsula to China and Southeast Asia. Historical materials such as armor, relics, and ancient documents are displayed in the main enclosure, and the corner yagura, which doubles as an observatory, is a museum for ships.


business hours
09: 30 ~ 17: 00 * Entry is until 16:30. January 2nd and January 3rd / 10: 00 ~ 15: 00
Thursday * Excluding holidays. December 29th, December 30th, December 31st, January 1st
Adults / 330 yen, groups of 30 or more adults / 220 yen, elementary and junior high school students / 160 yen. Group of 30 or more elementary and junior high school students / 110 yen, one person with a disability certificate and one caregiver is free.
722-23233228-2 Innoshimanakanosho-cho, Onomichi-shi
Phone Number
Fax number
Parking Lot
50 units (free)


3228-2 Innoshimanakanosho-cho, Onomichi-shi

5 minutes by car from Shimanami Kaido Innoshima Kita IC, 10 minutes by car from Shimanami Kaido Innoshima Minami IC

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