Overlooking the wonderful view of Tomonoura

The place where Ryoma Sakamoto and other Kaientai and the Kishu Domain actually had a talk during the "Iroha Maru Incident". The anti-tide tower was built around 1690, about 320 years ago, as a guesthouse of the Shingon sect temple, Fukuzenji. From the tatami room, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Tomonoura, where Sensui Island and Benten Island float in the calm Seto Inland Sea. During the Edo period, the Taichoro was used as a guesthouse for the Joseon Tongsinsa, and was also a place for interaction with Japanese Chinese scholars and calligraphers. In 1711, Joseon Tongsinsa Li Bangyan praised the view from this anti-tide tower as "Nitto Daiichi Katsu". This means "the most beautiful scenic spot east of Korea." You can see the beautiful scenery that has not changed since the Edo period, which has fascinated many people.


business hours
8:00 to 17:00
Open all year round
Adults 200 yen, junior high and high school students 150 yen, elementary school students 100 yen
720-02012 Tomocho, Fukuyama City
Phone Number
Parking Lot
none. Please use the nearest pay parking lot. Large bus parking lot available (free)


2 Tomocho, Fukuyama City

About 30 minutes by Tomonoura bus from the south exit of JR Fukuyama station, get off at "Tomonoura" and walk about 5 minutes. About 40 minutes by car from Fukuyama Higashi IC

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