The age of the enshrined seat is unknown, but it is said that the lord of Futakoyama Castle in Jinseki-gun solicited it as a Ujigami, and the shrine was built in 1545. The current shrine was rebuilt in Kyoho 21 (1736). Heiden and the hexagonal portable shrine are designated as important cultural properties of the town. In addition, the large cypress tree in the precincts is estimated to be about 30 m high and over 500 years old, and is designated as a natural monument of the town.


729-35111640 High Light, Kanseki Kogen-cho, Kanseki-gun
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神石高原町役場 教育課教育係
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1640 High Light, Kanseki Kogen-cho, Kanseki-gun

About 80 minutes by car from Fukuyama Higashi IC. By car from Tojo IC, time required: about 20 minutes

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