Boasting a view of Aki Nada spreading in front of you

It is a natural radon hot spring that springs from 500m underground. You can refresh your body and soul with daily medicinal baths, saunas, whirlpool baths, and full-body baths using low frequencies. The abundant amount of hot water and the beautiful scenery of Setouchi spreading in front of you will make you feel like a resort.


business hours
15: 00 ~ 20: 00 * Reception is until 19:00
Tuesday * Open on public holidays
Until 17:00 for adults / 600 yen, from 17:00 for adults / 500 yen, 26th for adults / 450 yen, until 17:00 for elementary school students / 500 yen, from 17:00 for elementary school students / 350 yen, 26th for elementary school students / 300 yen, exemption for adults Target person Monday / Thursday until 17:00 / 450 yen, Elementary school student exemption target person Monday / Thursday until 17:00 / 300 yen, infant / free, Kure City Keiro Special Offer / Kure City Physical and Physical Disability Certificate or Physical Disability Certificate・ Persons who present the nursing handbook, war injury and sickness handbook, A-bomb survivor health handbook, and mentally handicapped person health and welfare handbook at the front desk are eligible for exemption.
737-04027605 Oura, Kamagaricho, Kure City
Phone Number
Number of parking spaces
Parking fee
Parking notes
500 units (free)


7605 Oura, Kamagaricho, Kure City

About 44 minutes by bus from JR Hiro Station, about 30 minutes on foot from the Farming Center Bus Stop. Alternatively, take a city train from JR Hiroshima Station for 15 minutes, get off at Kamiyacho Higashi Station or Kamiyacho Nishi Station, then take a bus from Hiroshima Bus Center to Okitomo Temmangu-mae and walk about 15 minutes from Koigahama Bus Stop. Alternatively, it is about 50 minutes by car from Hiroshima Kure Road Kure IC via National Road 185, Akinada Bridge, Prefectural Road 74, Kamagari Bridge, and Prefectural Road 287. Alternatively, drive from the Sanyo Expressway Takaya IC via the Higashi Hiroshima Kure Expressway Umaki IC, National Highway 375, Kurose, Prefectural Highway 334, Yasuura, National Highway 185, Akinada Ohashi, Prefectural Highway 74, Kamagari Ohashi, Prefectural Highway 287. About 70 minutes

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