Direct production city, which is an exchange plaza through local agricultural products

On October 6, 2000, we opened Fureai Takata Sangyo City as an exchange plaza through regional agricultural products on the site of JA Hiroshima Northern Kawaii Branch Office along National Highway 54. This facility is a direct production city that fosters agriculture for women and the elderly and sells safety, security, and freshness. Former JA Takata became the main business entity of the agricultural structure improvement project to establish regional agricultural infrastructure and organized a shipping council by local producers. It was opened. After that, JA Hiroshima northern part has taken over the operation from April 1, 2009. In April 2013, the parking lot expanded to about 100 cars. The city of Sangyo is 490 square meters and 108 tsubo.


business hours
08: 30 ~ 18: 00
January 1, January 2, January 3, January 4, December 31
Fresh vegetables / 80 yen ~, a bunch of small pieces / 250 yen ~, vegetables and fruit trees, as well as flowers and processed products. For details, please see the store or contact us (0826-43-2166)
731-05231945-1 Yamate, Yoshida-cho, Akitakata-shi
Phone Number
Fax number
email address
Parking Lot
100 units


1945-1 Yamate, Yoshida-cho, Akitakata-shi

15 minutes by taxi from Mukaihara Station on the JR Geibi Line. Or 15 minutes from Takata IC on Chugoku Expressway

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