"Slam Dunk" is a milestone in basketball manga, and the movie "THE FIRST SLAM DUNK," released in 2022, has become a long-running blockbuster. The movie depicts the legendary game between the main characters, Shohoku High School’s basketball players, and their counterparts at Sannoh High School in Hiroshima. Although the movie focuses on the game itself, the original comics (from volume 23 onward) carefully depict how Shohoku High School members spent their time during their stay in Hiroshima. Why not visit Hiroshima for a “seichi junrei” or pilgrimage to locations depicted in “Slam Dunk”?


Hiroshima University of Economics’ Ishida Memorial Gymnasium (石田記念体育館)

It is depicted in the manga as the gymnasium where the legendary battle with Sannoh High School took place. In the manga, the gymnasium appears under the name "Migita Memorial Gymnasium (右田記念体育館)". It was actually used as the main venue for the basketball competition at the 1994 Asian Games held in Hiroshima, which is said to be why Hiroshima was chosen as the venue for the Inter-High School Basketball Championship in the manga. It is also listed in the end roll of the movie "THE FIRST SLAM DUNK" as "Cooperation: Hiroshima University of Economics”.

Located on a hill, the building can be seen from outside the university.

Note: Since the gymnasium is located on the university property, please be sure to check with the administrator, etc., and refrain from entering without permission.

https://www.hue.ac.jp/news/topics/b0b5mu000000lf3p.html (Japanese)


Hiroshima Prefectural Sports Center "Hiroshima Green Arena"

The opening ceremony of the inter-high school basketball competition was held. The manga depicts a moment when both members of Shohoku and other high schools seemed to be in the mood to start fighting. Although the area surrounding Hiroshima Green Arena has changed drastically with the new soccer stadium currently under construction across the street (scheduled to open in 2024), the arena building remains as it was depicted in the manga.


Yuki Onsen or hot spring (Midorisou)

In the manga, the ryokan, Midorisou, appears as "Chidorisou," an inn for Shohoku High School while they stay in Hiroshima. There is an impressive scene in the manga where three third-year students talking on the bridge in front of the inn. The interior of Midorisou is exactly as in the manga, but unfortunately cannot be seen because the inn is now closed. The building, however, still remains in Yuki Onsen as it was in the manga.

In the Yuki Onsen area, there is “Yuki Lodge”, a facility with a large bathhouse or Makoto-no-Hinoyu”, a bathhouse that can be reserved for private use, where you can enjoy one-day bathing. Enjoy a relaxing time in the hot spring, in which Shohoku members also took a break from their exhaustion.



This okonomiyaki restaurant appears in a scene, where Coach Anzai of the Shohoku High School basketball team has dinner with his former teammate Kitano, who is the former Toyotama High School team coach. In the manga. Freshly cooked, delicious okonomiyaki is served on an iron plate. Coach Anzai must have enjoyed his delicious okonomiyaki as well!


The view from the pedestrian crossing at the Genbaku Dome-mae Streetcar Stop.

The view of the streetcar tracks is depicted at the beginning of the scene where Coach Anzai walks alone with former coach Kitano of Toyotama High after dinner.

This is the view seen from the pedestrian crossing at Genbaku Dome-mae stop. The building partially visible on the far right is the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building, which will be torn down and relocated some years later. It may be a few more years before we see the same view.


The view from the pedestrian crossing at the Hatchobori Streetcar Stop.

It appears as a view of the city of Hiroshima. The main building of the Fukuya Department Store can be seen on the left. The streetcar stop also remains unchanged. Maybe this area will have a different landscape when the surrounding buildings are rebuilt one after another.


Nagarekawa-dori Street (流川通り)

In kanji, it is written "流川".  It is the same kanji as “流川楓(Rukawa Kaede)," one of the main characters, but it is read as "Nagarekawa" instead of "Rukawa”. (In the original story, the students of Toyotama also read “Rukawa” mistakenly as "Nagarekawa".) Although it does not appear in the manga, it is the largest entertainment district in the Chugoku region, lined with many restaurants and other entertainment establishments, and at night it twinkles with neon lights.

Please visit safely and with good manners so as not to disturb facility users and others around you.

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