An inn nestled in the mountains, boasting 9 types of baths

Koshinji no Yu Yukkura is a forest health land surrounded by the nature of the four seasons located on the Jinseki plateau. Starting with an open-air bath surrounded by abundant nature, we are preparing dishes that will please our customers, from 9 types of baths and family-friendly menus to authentic kaiseki cuisine. You can enjoy accommodation and breaks without worrying about the facilities in a spacious space. There is also a natural grass ground golf course on the premises and Koshinji Temple where you can experience copying sutras and take a walk.


business hours
Izumi reception / 09: 00 ~ 21: 00 Restaurant / 11: 00 ~ 20: 00 * Break time from 15: 00 ~ 16: 00
Open daily
Spring fee Adults 9: 00-15: 00 / 1,050 yen, Spring fee Adults 15: 00-21: 00/740 yen, Spring fee Children / 530 yen, Face towel sale / 100 yen, Bath towel rental / 100 yen
720-141158-1 Mitsunobu, Jinseki Kogen Town, Jinseki District
Phone Number
Fax number
email address
Number of parking spaces
Parking fee
Parking notes
169 units (free)


58-1 Mitsunobu, Jinseki Kogen Town, Jinseki District

About 50 minutes by car from Fukuyama-higashi IC on Sanyo Expressway, or about 40 minutes by car from Tojo IC on China Expressway. * Guests staying at the hotel can take a free shuttle bus from the north exit of JR Fukuyama Station for about 60 minutes if they make a reservation.

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