Immediately from Takano IC. Roadside station full of Shobara's charm

It is located on the prefectural border with Shimane Prefecture, just after getting off the Takano IC on the Chugoku Expressway, Matsue Expressway. Blessed with clean water and air, abundant nature, delicious agricultural products and processed products from all over Shobara gather together, and you will not get bored throughout the four seasons. It is a popular facility with a succession of repeaters for creating stores that are particular about "Shobara products".


business hours
09: 00 ~ 18: 00 * Varies depending on the season. Please contact us for details (0824-86-3131)
2nd Wednesday / 4th Wednesday * Open on public holidays
Grated Takano radish hamburger steak / 1,480 yen, roast beef plate of Hiba beef / 2,100 yen, smoked plate / 1,480 yen, tonkatsu of Seto maple pork / 1,580 yen, omelet rice of Hiba beef and maple egg / 1,380 yen, seasonal vegetable curry of Hiba beef / 1,380 yen, Seto maple pork cutlet curry / 1,480 yen, children's lunch / 680 yen, seasonal vegetable pizza / 1,080 yen, smoked bacon pizza / 1,180 yen, egg pizza / 1,080 yen, Sora carbonara / 1,080 yen, eat vegetables Peperoncino / 980 yen
727-042349 Shimonde, Takano-cho, Shobara-shi
Phone Number
Number of parking spaces
Parking fee
Parking notes
40 units (free)


49 Shimonde, Takano-cho, Shobara-shi

Immediately by car from Takano IC on Matsue Expressway

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