Events that color the summer nights of Fukuyama

The Fukuyama Summer Festival is held every year during Obon, August 13th to 15th. On the 13th, Fukuyama's traditional performing arts "Futagari Odori Festival", which has been designated as a Hiroshima Prefecture Intangible Folk Cultural Property, will be held. They dance to a unique rhythm that is both graceful and melancholy, with the sound of four bamboo bamboos. It is a festival where dancers and viewers can feel the elegant heat of each other. On the 14th, the Fukuyama Yukata Festival will be held in the shopping district in the center of Fukuyama City. Night stalls and stamp rallies will be held in each shopping district. The Ashida River Fireworks Festival will be held on the 15th, marking the finale of the Fukuyama Summer Festival. The highlight is the 1.4km floating star mine that takes advantage of the wide width of the Ashida River. The view of a total of 16,000 fireworks reflected on the water is a beauty unique to Fukuyama. Both banks of the Ashida River have become spectator seats.


August 13th to 15th
Meeting place
Fukuyama City
Phone Number


・Futagari Odori Festival (13th) 5 minutes walk from JR Fukuyama Station ・Yukata Festival (14th) 5 minutes walk from JR Fukuyama Station ・Ashida River Fireworks Festival (15th) 15 minutes by bus from the south exit of JR Fukuyama Station

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