A group lodging facility on Atada Island, famous for its fishing ponds

A group lodging facility built on Atadajima Island, which is known as one of the prefecture's leading fishing spots, and can accommodate up to 50 people. There is a natural beach near the beach where you can swim, making it ideal for training camps and training for schools and children's associations, and for swimming with families. In December 1996, the site of the former Shiroishi Lighthouse official residence, which was registered as a national tangible cultural property, has been preserved and maintained, and various instruments and materials related to the lighthouse are exhibited as the Atatajima Lighthouse Museum.


739-0607446 Adada, Dazhu City
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446 Adada, Dazhu City

By car: About 3 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Otake IC to Ogata Port, then 35 minutes by ferry from Ogata Port Public: About 6 minutes from Daiichi Kotsu Bus Kuba stop, get off at Otake Shiyakusho-mae stop, then walk about 10 minutes to Ogata Port ferry terminal minutes

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