This facility is located near Ikuchijima (Setoda), Tatara Bridge, a corner of the beach at Sunset Beach, and a cycling road. It is a natural radon hot spring that I discovered by chance 10 years ago. We are proud of the stone observatory bathhouse where you can enjoy a magnificent view created over 2 years and 8 months by yourself. From the customer, "I felt comfortable with the hot springs." From foreigners, guts poses such as "Beautiful" and "Very Nice Place" will be returned. The owner (77 years old) is energized and devoted to his work, saying that the smiles of the customers were more rewarding than expected.


business hours
16: 00 ~ next 09: 00
6,300 yen (1 night with 2 meals) 4,500 yen without meals, 1,200 yen for dinner, 600 yen for breakfast
722-240458-1 Tarumi, Setoda-cho, Onomichi-shi
Phone Number
Parking Lot
10 units free


58-1 Tarumi, Setoda-cho, Onomichi-shi

Mihara Port → Setoda Port 35 minutes by boat Transfer to Setoda Port (telephone required) Onomichi Port → Setoda Port 40 minutes by boat Transfer to Setoda Port (telephone required) Shimanami Kaido → 20 minutes from Ikuchijima Kita IC (car) Shimanami Kaido → 15 minutes from Ikuchijima Minami IC (car)

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