The grave of Takaie Shishido, who died in the first year of Bunroku, and that of his second wife, Shigetsugu Iwami.

Takaie, the grandson of Motogen Shishido, became the head of the family at a young age due to the early death of his father, Motoie. Married Goryu no Tsubone, the eldest daughter of Motonari Motonari, and thereafter served Motonari, Takamoto, and Terumoto as a senior vassal of the Mori clan, and supported the Mori clan as the fourth arrow following Takamoto, Motoharu, and Takakage. rice field. He died in the first year of Bunroku (1592) at the age of 76. His Buddhist name was Tenso Kakuryu Daikoji, and his grave is located in the ruins of Tenso-ji Temple in the mountains about 2km away from Goryu Castle. The gravestones standing next to each other are not those of Motonari's eldest daughter Goryu no Tsubone, but those of Takaie's second wife Shigetsugu Iwami.


739-1104Kamikodate, Koda-cho, Akitakata City, Hiroshima Prefecture
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Kamikodate, Koda-cho, Akitakata City, Hiroshima Prefecture

By car About 15 minutes from Takada IC on the Chugoku Expressway About 10 minutes by taxi from Kodate Station on the JR Geibi Line

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