At the G7 Summit Hiroshima, wine, sake, whiskey, etc. mainly from Hiroshima prefecture were offered during working lunches and dinners as part of hospitality.
On this page, we will introduce local sake recommended by the HIT editorial department among them!


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[Takehara-shi] Fujii Brewery

Offered Japanese sake [Ryusei Kankokujoshu]
It is Japanese sake made in Takehara, which is blessed with good quality water. The brewery located in the “Takehara Townscape Preservation District,” also known as the Little Kyoto of Aki, has opened up that corner as a communication space full of emotion, and there are not only free tasting corners and alcoholic beverages unique to the brewery, but also souvenirs such as carefully handmade miscellaneous goods.

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[Higashihiroshima-shi] Kamotsuru Brewery 

Offered Japanese sake [Junmai Daiginjo Hiroshima Nishiki/Daiginjo Gold Kamo Tsurukaku bottle]
It is Japanese sake made by the brewery “Kamotsuru Brewery,” which pioneered daiginjo brewing. They continue to create traditional flavors that are particular about quality, such as receiving numerous awards at the National Shinshu Kanpyokai. The traditional white-walled brewery still manufactures high-class sake such as daiginjo, etc., and there are also tour room direct sales offices that have been renovated from some breweries.



[Miyoshi City] Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery 

Wine provided [“TOMOÉ Chardonnay New Moon 2020/TOMOÉ Delaware 2021/TOMOÉ Little Prince Muscat Bailey A/TOMOÉ Syrah 2018]
At the summit, the brand “TOMOÉ” series, which has received many awards at domestic and international wine competitions, was offered. The winery located in Miyoshi City, the number one grape producing area in Hiroshima Prefecture, has a factory where you can observe the wine manufacturing process, a wine shop, barbecue garden, and cafe vines, so you can enjoy visiting, shopping, and eating throughout the day.


[Miyoshi City] Vinoble Vineyard and Winery

Offered Wines [Semillon Sparkling 2022]
The 2021 vintage is a sparkling wine that received the highest award, platinum, at the HONGKONG WASHU AWARDS 2022 held in Hong Kong in the summer of 2022. The winery produces wines that use 100% grapes cultivated in their own fields, and are characterized by an elegant flavor that makes the most of the aromas of those varieties. The attached kiosk sells wine and soft serve ice cream only on weekends and holidays.


[Fukuyama City] Yamano Gorge Ota Winery

Wine provided [Yamanokyo Wine Hokuten no Shizuku 2021/Fuji no Yume 2021]
The “Yamanokyo Wine” offered this time is characterized by its refreshing acidity and gentle fruit flavor. This winery has all processes done by hand, from cultivating grapes to brewing, bottling, and labeling, but another characteristic is that it is a “winery where you can stay.” The guesthouse managed by the company is close by, and you can spend a relaxing time while tasting wine born and raised in the great outdoors that spreads out in front of you.



[Hatsukaichi] Sakurao Brewery and Distillery

At the summit, in addition to the two types of whiskey, the gin “SAKURAO GIN LIMITED” and the plum wine “SAKURAO whiskey barrel-aged plum wine” were offered. At the distillery “SAKURAO DISTILLERY” located at the factory in Hatsukaichi City, you can see pure domestic craft gin using carefully selected raw materials from Hiroshima prefecture, the distiller that makes single malt whiskey, etc., and there is also a tasting at the end. You can also buy exclusive products and original goods at the Visitor Center.

Summit-related information

Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU is holding a “G7 Hiroshima Summit Thanks Fair”!
During the summit, products provided to the leaders and wives of each country and related products are being sold in limited quantities.
Please check the official website of Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU for details.

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