• Hiroshima Wagyu beef with an elegant taste
  • It's delicious even if you eat it with steak!
  • “Hiba beef” famous as a brand beef
  • Hiroshima Wagyu beef with an elegant taste
  • It's delicious even if you eat it with steak!
  • “Hiba beef” famous as a brand beef

Hiroshima Wagyu beef is of course of an excellent meat quality, but also its history, tradition, and the passion of the producers bring out deep deliciousness such as delicate and rich flavor, smooth melting in the mouth, and sweet umami unique to Wagyu beef.

What is the secret to the deliciousness of “Hiroshima Wagyu”

Hiroshima Wagyu beef with low fat
You can enjoy the original taste of Wagyu beef

Hiroshima Wagyu beef raised with care and effort

Hiroshima Prefecture is known as a land that has flourished as one of Japan's top three cattle markets for over a thousand years.

Hiroshima Wagyu was established as a line of wagyu beef in the late Edo period, and has a lot of history and tradition related to wagyu beef, such as being the number one in Japan for two consecutive tournaments at the National Wagyu Competence Association, which is said to be the Wagyu Olympics.

In Hiroshima prefecture, which has a connection to wagyu beef, the “Hiroshima Wagyu” is carefully raised by producers by giving plenty of rice straw harvested in fertile paddy fields. It has a delicate and rich flavor, and is characterized by a fragrant yet elegant taste.

The main brands of Hiroshima Wagyu

The main brands of Hiroshima Wagyu
Hiba beef raised with care in rich nature
Jinseki beef raised healthy without stress

Only carefully selected beef is recognized as Hiroshima Wagyu

Hiroshima Wagyu beef is a luxurious gem, beautiful marbling and soft texture. It has an elegant aroma that blends with the depth of “richness”, it taste better the more you chew.

Among all the wagyu beef raised for the longest period in Hiroshima prefecture, only beef that has been rated as meat quality grade 4 or higher by the strict examination of the Japan Meat Rating Association (public corporation) are certified as “Hiroshima wagyu”. “Hiba beef” and “Jinseki beef” that are raised in Shobara City and Jinsekikogen Town, which have a track record, are also known.

“Superb savour” that can be tasted only in a few restaurants


Let's taste Hiroshima Wagyu beef at the restaurant !

Hiroshima prefecture is rich in delicious gourmet foods such as okonomiyaki, oyster dishes, and dandan noodles. As high-quality brand beef  “Hiroshima beef”, “Hiroshima Wagyu Motonari”, “Hiba beef”, and “Jinseki beef” are also luxurious gourmet foods that you should definitely try.

You can taste these Hiroshima wagyu beef in various parts of the prefecture, including teppanyaki steak made with carefully selected high-quality aged meat.

Restaurants where you can eat Hiroshima Wagyu

Taste wagyu beef with a delicate and rich flavor.

When you come to Hiroshima, be sure to try not only okonomiyaki and oysters, but also Hiroshima Wagyu beef! Here are some restaurants where you can eat Hiroshima Wagyu beef.
(We recommend that you check and make a reservation in advance when using it.)

Japanese dining Subaru

This is a Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy sophisticated Japanese food, created by Japanese craftsmen who are particular about the seasons of the year 30 years. In an elegant space, you can enjoy a number of creative dishes where the chef's skill shines. In particular, the shabu-shabu kaiseki cuisine, which uses Hiroshima Wagyu beef “Motonari,” a rare lineage born in Hiroshima and raised in Hiroshima, uses carefully selected ingredients from Hiroshima, from seafood to rice, and is the supreme dish. There are a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, and you can enjoy the taste of the season with a selection of local Hiroshima sake.

Hiroshima City Cultural Exchange Hall 3F, 3-3 Kako-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi TEL: 082-243-8881 (Representative) Closed: None

Steak House ONBASHI

An authentic steakhouse where Norio Omido, who has been a chef at a famous hotel steakhouse in Osaka for 17 years, grills it on an iron plate in front of you. There are two types of steak courses, tenderloin and loin, and each is divided into A to C courses depending on the amount of 150 to 230 g of meat. Garnished vegetables, rice, and konnyaku are mainly native to Sho. The meat uses Hiba beef, and the chef recommends the medium rare meat that retains the flavor of the meat.

877 Kawahigashi, Tojo-cho, Shobara-shi Roadside Station Yu YOU Saron in Tojo TEL: 08477-2-4444 Closed: Wednesday

Cafe Restaurant Sorara

The vegetables, rice, eggs, etc. that can be tasted at this restaurant are sold at Sancho-shi, a roadside station. Hiba beef is a rare Japanese beef from Sho, which is based on the oldest line of “Iwakura Zuru” in Japan, and has a reputation for being relatively light in fat and a lot of sweetness. “Sorara” has a wide selection of menus such as sukiyaki and steak using Hiba beef, and roast beef bowls using Hiroshima beef, etc., among them, “Hiba beef thigh steak teppanyaki” while grilling at your own pace A popular menu that you can taste. You can enjoy it with three flavors: grated ponzu sauce, soy sauce sauce, and rock salt.

49 Shimomonden, Koya-cho, Shobara-shi, Roadside Station Takanouchi TEL: 0824-86-3131 Closed: 2nd, 4th Wednesdays

School Lunchroom

The former Iseki Elementary School, which was closed in Showa 59, is reused, and you can enjoy Hiroshima beef and school lunch menus while enjoying the atmosphere of the school building and the aroma of Showa. The cafeteria is a classroom, and the tables are used as they are desks and chairs used in elementary schools. The room is a nostalgic space where children's works and blackboards remain intact. The Jinseki beef used for steak uses inner thigh meat called Ichibo. It is a rare part that can only take 7 kg from one head, and has moderate fat and chewiness, umami and sweetness. There are also nostalgic school lunches (1300 yen including tax), curry, and noodles.

1282 Iseki, Jinsekikogen-cho, Jinseki-gun TEL: 0847-85-3642, 090-3742-4391 (representative) Closed: Tuesdays (undecided)

Taishakukyo Schola Restaurant Taishaku no Sato

A restaurant located at an altitude of 500 meters, in the resort area “Taishakukyo Schola Kogen” surrounded by lush nature. Beef bone ramen made with beef bones from Jinseki beef, lunch set with homemade minced meat cutlet and croquette, and charcoal-grilled barbecue where you can taste the finest Japanese black beef are popular, and many tourists visit. The recommended dish is the “Phantom Jinseki Beef Steak,” which is a simple grilled Jinseki beef sirloin with high rarity value. Jinseki beef, which is characterized by its fine marbling, is juicy, sweet, and melts gently in your mouth. It's thick and voluminous, so it's good to eat.

2167 Aido, Jinsekikogen-cho, Jinseki-gun, Hiroshima TEL: 0847-86-0535 Closed: Tuesdays

Mikado Bekkan

At the southern end of Fukuyama City, you can overlook Tomo Park, a scenic spot in Setouchi designated as Japan's first national park, and you can enjoy it with the calm scenery of Seto spreading all over the window. It is a variety of colorful dishes that use seafood, seasonal vegetables, etc. luxuriously. In addition to being particular about fish, the meat uses rare Japanese black beef “Jinseki beef” raised in Jinsekikogen Town, which is rich in nature in the eastern part of the prefecture. I want to enjoy kaiseki cuisine with the sea that changes over time, from the specially blended soy sauce of the long-established store “Malubishi Soy Sauce” in Fukuyama City to the natural water of Setoyago, Jinsekikogen Town, etc. used for soup stock, etc.

1416-6 Notohara, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama-shi TEL: 084-987-1525 Closed: Unspecified


A French restaurant that has lasted over 15 years in Fukuyama City and received a star in the Michelin Guide 2013. While valuing the classic flavors and techniques of traditional French cuisine, they are fascinated by the many dishes that incorporate creative changes that are not bound by preconceived concepts, and many people visit after hearing rumors not only from within the prefecture but also from overseas. Seasonal ingredients are carefully selected by the chef himself visiting the market. The meat dish also uses high-quality Japanese black beef “Hiroshima beef” that is traditional from Hiroshima. With high-quality food and the best hospitality, let's enjoy a blissful moment that will remain in your tongue, mind and memory to your heart's content.

3-20 Takaracho, Fukuyama-shi, Dia Palace Takaramachi 1F TEL: 084-922-5822 Closed: Monday, Tuesday

Inn Cafeteria & Bar Mametanuki

It is a restaurant produced by the ryokan “Kinsuikan” with a history of more than 100 years in Miyajima in Aki, a world heritage site and one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, and opened in 1989, saying “I want people to enjoy the taste of a long-established ryokan casually.” An original Japanese-Western eclectic dish packed tightly with delicious foods from Hiroshima and Miyajima. We are particular about a number of Hiroshima ingredients with a local production local consumption rate of 80% or more. Fresh vegetables sent directly from contract farmers, seafood caught in Setouchi, Kuwata rice from Akitakata City, Togeshita beef in Takehara City, and Wagyu beef raised in the calm nature of Hiroshima are gems.” Such as “Hiroshima beef” is exactly Hiroshima zukushi.

1133 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi Kinsuikan Main Building 1F TEL: 0829-44-2152 Closed: Unspecified

Meat Kappo Masaki

Meat Kappoki opened in November 2016 with the theme of “fusion of Japanese and meat dishes.” Utilizing the cooking techniques of Japanese cuisine, we offer a la carte dish that combines seasonal ingredients with wagyu beef as the main ingredient. Based on the monthly omakase course, you can enjoy a menu using local seasonal ingredients. The charcoal-grilled Hiroshima beef sirloin steak is a gem that fills your mouth with gravy and umami, which is made by grilling A5 rank Hiroshima beef savorily over charcoal. I'm also happy that they select wine and sake according to food and taste. It is an adult space where you can feel the thoughtfulness of the shopkeeper who has been attentive to detail.

1-6-9 Danbara, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi TEL: 082-569-5553 Closed: Sunday, 3rd Monday


A long-established famous restaurant in Kure City, “Restaurant Kudokoro” relocated and opened in front of Hiroshima Station in December 2016. The teppanyaki course (4629 yen excl. tax/5000 yen including tax) using A5 ranked Hiroshima beef and Japanese black beef, which can be selected according to situations such as entertainment and dating, is popular. Among them, the 7-course meal (6000 yen including tax), including sirloin steak, is recommended by the manager. It is also possible to add all-you-can-drink to the course for an additional 1500 yen including tax. From the inside of the store, you can enjoy the river view overlooking the Saruko River, and it is an adult space where you can eat while watching the beautiful night view at night.

BIG FRONT Hiroshima 4F, 5-1 Matsubara-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi TEL: 082-261-5741 Closed: None

Marco Polo

At the same restaurant on the second floor of the hotel, you can enjoy the new local gourmet “Hiba gyudon,” which is exciting in Shobara City. There are many gourmets using Hiba beef, rice, and vegetables from Sho, where you can enjoy the original taste of Japanese beef with little excess fat. In addition, original Shobara sweets, which are performed by exclusive pastry chefs, are also gaining popularity. There is a wide variety of cakes and Western confectionery that use plenty of Shobara's specialty products such as Koya apples and perilla. From appetizers to main dishes and desserts, let's enjoy a full course of dishes filled with the charms of Shobara.

2-16-5 Nishihonmachi, Shobara-shi TEL: 0824-72-6789 Closed: None


The seasonal set meal, which won the 2017 Shobara Gourmet Grand Prix, is a classic dish. Ingredients such as “Satoyama no Yume” from Shobara Yamauchi, which was certified as the most delicious rice in Japan at the “Osaka Citizen's Ichan Delicious Rice Contest” held in Osaka in 2012, and Hiba beef, which is characterized by its high-quality texture and elegant aroma I'm very particular about it. In addition, the menu unique to a couple who trained at a sushi restaurant is also popular, such as nigiri made with fresh fish from the Sea of Japan and the Seto Inland Sea at night, and special chirashi-zushi. Banquet courses where you can enjoy platter dishes and course meals are also popular.

183-2 Tonogakiuchi-cho, Shobara-shi TEL: 0824-74-0369 Closed: Mondays, the first and third Tuesdays


“Nukumori” is a cafe located in a villa area in Jinsekikogen Town. On the signature menu, Jinseki beef hayashi rice is sprinkled with a demiglace sauce with an exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness, using Maruyutaka tomatoes from Toyomatsu. In addition, the attention to the ingredients shines down to the smallest detail, such as eggs from Uneme Farm in Okayama prefecture, which are characterized by their strong taste and color, salads using local Jinseki Kogen, and homemade dressings that change with the seasons. In winter, a wood-burning stove lights up in the store, and you can enjoy a warm atmosphere.

1056-4 Tokiyasu, Jinsekikogen-cho, Jinseki-gun TEL: 0847-85-3498 Closed: Tuesday-Thursday

French Dining Ozaki

A French restaurant with a complete reservation system (reservation required at least 3 days in advance). At the time of booking, they ask if there are any allergies or food they are not good at, so it is a restaurant that children can visit with peace of mind. Cooking is only for courses. Among them, the 3000 yen course (excluding tax) where you can enjoy both meat and fish dishes for lunch, a full course with 3 hors d'oeuvres for dinner, and the 8000 yen course (excluding tax) are popular. The reason for its popularity is also conveyed from the menu that is carefully cooked one by one, such as homemade bread petit bread and smoked salmon. The inside of the store has a calm atmosphere and can be used for various commemorative scenes such as birthdays and Christmas, so it is a place you want to visit with someone special on a special day.

Sun Court Komachi Building 1F, 6-33 Komachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima TEL: 082-243-1811 Closed: Wednesdays

Teppanyaki Furutaka

A teppanyaki restaurant with a panoramic view of Kyuyama and Kure city designated as Seto Inland Sea National Park. At the same store, there is a wide variety of local sake such as “Moon after the Rain” and “Senpuku” made at the brewery in Kure, and the name “Furutaka” is also derived from the former Navy's first class cruiser, Furutaka. You can order Hiroshima beef loin and fillet separately, as well as a wide variety of course meals and alcoholic beverages. There are only counter seats, so one of the attractions is that you can enjoy teppanyaki dishes with your five senses. Let's enjoy adult time slowly in a calm space with a superb view seen from the counter.

Kure Hankyu Hotel 14th floor, 1-1-1 Chuo, Kure City TEL: 0823-20-1111 Closed: Monday (open in the case of a holiday, closed on Tuesdays)

Tomiya Bekkan

Opened in 2015 as an annex to Tomiya, which houses a butcher shop. The concept is “a restaurant where you can eat delicious meat cheaply.” While Tomiya serves teppanyaki as the main dish, you can eat sukiyaki and yakiniku using Hiroshima beef at the Tomiya Annex. Yakiniku offers recommended parts purchased on that day and rare parts such as “misuji” and “ichibo” at a reasonable price. And we are particular about making sure that sukiyaki meat can be served in the most delicious state. Sake from all over the country is also available, so try it with sukiyaki and yakiniku. There are beef cutlets and yakiniku for lunch, and it is crowded with office workers who want to eat it hard.

2-9-1 Fukuromachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi TEL: 082-546-1038 Closed: Monday

WINE & GRILL otemachi Tres

Uses carefully selected Hiroshima Wagyu beef “Motonari”. You can taste steaks that have a lot of sashimi and are elegant in fat. It is seasoned with Italian rock salt and raw pepper, and garnished with garlic chips.

Otemachi Mansion 1F, 3-3-27 Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi TEL: 082-236-1323

Shigenbo Nagarekawa-Shop

We offer fillets, sirloin, and thigh steaks from Hiroshima prefecture wagyu beef such as Hiba beef, which is the root of Wagyu raised in the Shobara area, and Jinseki beef. Please enjoy the simple taste that makes use of the original flavor of meat.

Debira Building 1F, 8-29 Nagarekawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi TEL: 082-246-9797

Micchan Sohonten Miyabi

You can enjoy creative teppanyaki dishes and okonomiyaki using seasonal ingredients from Setouchi. The surface of Hiroshima beef steak is grilled on a high-temperature iron plate and then slowly cooked in the oven. It is a gem that confines the rich umami unique to Hiroshima beef.

Sogo Main Building 10th Floor, 6-27 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi TEL: 082-225-7263

Benbei Shintenchi

The interior of an old-fashioned house has a counter with a single-piece iron plate. The recommended dish is Hiroshima beef sirloin steak that is grilled right in front of you. Because the sashimi is fine, you can enjoy a delicate taste that does not leave fat in your mouth.

1-2 Shintenchi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi TEL: 082-249-2800

Teppan Cuisine Mimitei

An iron plate restaurant that sells high-quality Japanese black beef, including Hiroshima beef. The A5 ranked Hiroshima beef steak can be chosen from soft and mellow tenderloin or loin with a rich flavor. The chef grills each person on the iron plate in front of you.

Hirokoshi Headquarters Building 3F, 4-9 Fujimi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi TEL: 082-247-1129

Teppan Sakon Main Store

The finest A5 Hiroshima beef is aged for one month and served at the best timing for umami and meat quality. You can enjoy the finest steak that maximizes the original taste of meat with exquisite grilling.

Kura Building 1F, 2-24 Nagarekawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi TEL: 082-246-3807

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