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Osakikamijima is an island in Hiroshima prefecture floating in the Seto Inland Sea that is not connected to the mainland. There are no bridge. You can visit by enjoying a relaxing boat trip.
Let's have unique experience on the island, such as traveling in “ultra-small cars”, or trying sea kayaking. And how about the traditional event “Kadenma Race” ?

What is “Osakikamijima”?

The green color on the map is Hiroshima prefecture, and the yellow color is Ehime prefecture

An island that is not connected to the mainland by a bridge

“Osakikamijima” is not connected to the mainland by a bridge, so it is only accessible by boat. It is convenient from the Hiroshima side from Takehara Port and Akitsu Port. There is a ferry from Imabari from the Shikoku side.

Blessed with a warm climate, this island is also known as a citrus island, where you can enjoy mandarin orange picking. Mt. Kamimine, which rises almost in the center of Osakikamijima, is popular as a mountain of worship, and is also popular as a hiking course.

“Enjoy the Island” ocean, mountains, and nature

You can enjoy sea kayaking in the calm Seto Inland Sea
The view from the observatory near the summit of Mount Kamine is wonderful
Beautiful islands in the Seto Inland Sea spreading out from the observatory

Enjoy sea kayaking and trail on Mt. Kamimine

We recommend “Sea kayaking”to enjoy the ocean. While the scenery of the archipelago spreads, it feels so good to ride a sea kayak and slide on the surface of the sea! Even first-timers can enjoy the fun right away. You will cross to an uninhabited island, enjoy playing on the beach, etc., and experience an extraordinary time.

If you are more of a Moutain person, you will enjoy the “Kamineyama Walking”. Aim for the summit of Mt. Kamimine while looking at the scenery surrounded by fresh green. From the observation deck near the summit, you can see a beautiful panoramic view of the large and small islands of the Seto Inland Sea in front of you.

A must-see! A traditional event that lasts more than 200 years

Powerful full score! Feel the history of the navy at “Kaden Horse Racecourse”
A traditional race where you unite to compete for the speed of a ship

You can visit see various festivals from June to October

“Kadenma” (a small wooden ship) is considered to be the original form of “Kohaya,” which is the fastest among navy ships.

“Kadenma Race” is a traditional event where sailors board the ship, row in tune with a Coxswain and a drumer, and compete for speed. This event can be seen in the “Tabi suru Kadenme” in June, the “Kinoe Jushichi-ya Festival” and the “Higashi no Sumiyoshi Festival” from late July to early August, and the “Ebisu Shrine Festival Ceremony” on the first Sunday of October.

There are also events where hands-on boarding is held, so you can experience “Kadenma” and its historical value. The materials of “Kadenma” are exhibited at the Osakikamijima History Museum Ōmochizukitei.

The Seto Inland Sea is right in front of you! Superb view hot spring

An open-air bath where you can enjoy panoramic views

The beautiful large panoramic scenery!

The hotel “Kinoe Onsen Hotel Seifukan” built on a hill boasts its open-air bath with a superb view. A large panorama of the islands in Setouchi spreads out in front of you, and you can spend a relaxing time. All rooms have an ocean view, so the atmosphere is full of openness.

Using fresh local seafood and seasonal ingredients, you can thoroughly taste the delicacies of Setouchi that can only be tasted here.

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