Introduction of the Kaguradan/
Ayanai Kaguradan was inaugurated as an “Ayanishi Kagura Club” by more than ten local young people in Showa 56, attracted by the charm of the local performing art Kagura, which has been familiar to the ancestors, and local youth participated and learned kagura as part of the activities of the youth group We have it.
At the time of formation, there were no people who had experienced kagura, and there were no costumes or tools, but we received donations from the kindness of local residents, and used costumes, a set of tools, etc.
After that, high school students from the district gathered and the number of danjin members increased, and the name was changed to “Ayanishi Kagurazai”, and the motto is “Start with courtesy and learn rei and end with rei”, “Enjoy Kagura and impress the viewer” We are continuing our aiming activities.
Representative's Name (Title)/KURAOKA Noriyuki (Dancho)
When the Kaguradan was founded /Showa 56 December Inaugurated as the Ayanishi Kagura Club and renamed Ayanishi Kaguradan in Showa 59
Number of members: 18
Holding programs/
(Shinmai) Katsuragisan, Akukitsu-den, Takiyashahime, Momijigari, Hidehikosan, Kumasetsu, Modoribashi, Omori Hikoshichi, Yatori River, Ebisu, Gojo no Ohashi, Tsuchigumi
(Former Mai) Yoho, Yaga Dairochi, Dainichi, Jinmu, Shong
Local Shrine/ Doi Hachiman Shrine
Performance period at a local shrine/ Saturday close to October 19
Past performances: Mito Town Kagura Competition Winner, Asakita Kagura Recital, Hiroshima Food Festival, Satsuki Selection 2012, Yuki Lodge, and other places dedicated Kagura, various events, facility consolations, etc.
Business trip kagura performance/ Yes


Ayagatani, Kabecho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima 731-0236, Japan

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