Introduction of the Kaguradan/
Inaugurated as the “Iimuro Kagura Club” in Showa 57, centering on young people from Asa-cho Iimuro. We have received guidance and cooperation in learning ritual dance and Noh dance from senior kagura groups in Kake Town and Takamiya Town, both dances with different schools of Yamagata Mai (Yagami system 6 tone) and Takada Mai (Azuna series 8 tone).
The Shrine Reitaisai has been blessed with the opportunity to appear in events, competition competitions, and various events inside and outside the prefecture from the beginning, and it is accompanied by flowers with little power.
We aim to learn traditional local performing arts from old predecessors and aim for “emotional” kagura, and hope that our kagura will always be the living energy of the times of everyone.
We will strive to nurture young people as successors, and strive to be rooted in the community and become a hometown of people's hearts.
Representative Name (Title)/SHIMODA Katsuyuki (Leader)
Contact/082-835-0407 080-1928-0217
When the Kaguradan was found/Showa 57
Number of group members/16
Holding programs/
Mai Yamagata (Yagami, tone 6)
◇ Shikata purification ◇ Amano Iwato ◇ Yumihachiman ◇ Jinrin ◇ Ogusuko ◇ Shokei ◇ Yaga Dairochi
Takada Mai (Asuna 8 tone)
◆Nippon Muson◆Akukitsuneden◆Modoribashi◆Takiyashahime◆Momijigari◆Ebisu Daikoku◆Tsuchigumo
Local Shrine/ Doi Izumi Shrine
Past performance results/shrine festivals, competition competitions, events, etc.
Business trip kagura performance/Available (not available on weekdays)


Iimuro, Asa-cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima 731-1142, Japan

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