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Introduction of the Kaguradan/
The Mikiroda Kagura Tran is a kagura group with an old history that it was formed by local young people in the Kaei era about one hundred and fifty years ago. It has been handed down mainly by Juni Jingi, but since 2002, Shinmai has been incorporated, and the number of plays has increased little by little. Currently, I am mainly working on Shinmai
When the Kaguradan was found/Edo period Kaei era
Number of group members/23 people
Hold Program: Kamidoroshi, Ebisu, Yamanakuden, Akubitsu-den, Katsuragisan, Yaga no Orochi, Takiyashahime
Performance period at a local shrine/ November 2


Numatachotomo, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima 731-3161

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