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Introduction of the Kaguradan/
This Kagura group was formed in Showa 49 as the “Shimogohara Children's Kagura Group” by children who like kagura in the Shimo district of Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima. At that time, I was instructed by the Kagura troupe in the neighboring town and performed “Yamagata Rokusho Kyu Mai”.
Around Showa 57, since many of the members became adults, it was renamed “Shimogohara Kagura Group” and has continued to the present. In order to incorporate “Takamiya Hatchoshi Shinmai” from around 57 when it became a kagura group, I was instructed by the former Takamiya-cho Kagura group, and after that, I began to mainly perform shinmai. For the purpose of successor development and healthy youth development, we have launched the “Shimogohara Children's Kagura Group” again in 2007, and are working hard to practice under the guidance of the Shimogohara Kagura Group.
Currently, we actively participate in our main activities, such as dedicating kagura at local shrines and presenting events in various places.
I'm still immature, but I'm working hard at practicing to aim for kagura that will please everyone. Thank you for your continued support and guidance.
Name of Representative (Title)/Kazunori Ueda (Leader)
Contact/Secretariat Takashi Masumoto 090-9508-1540
When the Kaguradan was found/around Showa 49
Number of members/activity group members 18 people
Holding programs/
Yamagata six tone old mai, Jinrin, Yumihachiman, Okusunoko, Shong
Takamiya Hatchoshi Shinmai, Momijigari, Tenjin, Komochiyama Uba, Modoribashi Sequel, Katsuragiyama, Yaga Dairochi, Oeyama, Takiyasha, Japan Takiyasha, Japanese Muson, Jinrin, Modoribashi Part 1, Akukitsuden Part 2
Local Shrine/ Kawaihachiman Shrine
Performance period at a local shrine/ the night before the 3rd Sunday of October
Past performance results/dedication and performances about 20 times a year. He has expeditions to Shimane prefecture and Tokyo in the past.
Business trip Kagura performance/Yes (not possible in some cases, such as coordination of members)


Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, 738-0603, Japan

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