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Introduction of the Kaguradan/
In Saeki-ku, Hiroshima, where the Takai Kagura Group is registered, there are many organizations that have inherited traditional performing arts, which are valuable folk cultural assets, and organizations that are newly formed and developed and inherited as new traditional performing arts.
Each organization has inherited this while giving thanks to their thoughts on the hard work of their predecessors. We, the Takai Kagura Troupe, as one of them, are striving to contribute to the development of the region.
The history of the Kagura-dan is a traditional Kagura troupe that has been passed down for a hundred decades, but its activities were temporarily suspended due to changes in lifestyle and lack of members. However, it has been pushed by the voice of wishing for the revival of kagura in the region, and has started activities for the revival from 1997 to the present. Today, they perform about 30 times a year, such as dedications to shrines and various events throughout the Chugoku region. In addition, we have accumulated achievements such as runner-up, championship, and overseas performances at competition competitions in various places.
We are working hard to perform with the aim of being a Kagura troupe that can be enjoyed, sympathized with and impressed with the people of Kagura Juan and the audience who support us, as well as the unity of dance, band, and back. We will continue to work hard and devote ourselves to practice every day so that everyone can be impressed.
Representative's Name (Title)/NAKAGAWA Teruhiko (Leader)
Contact/Phone 082-927-3330 Mobile 090-4898-9147 FAX 082-927-1848
When the Kaguradan was found/It is not certain, but it is said that it was the late Edo period.
Number of members: 21
Holding programs/
[Old Mai] Divine Descent, Jinrin, Trong, Ebisu, Oeyama, Yaga Dairochi
【Shinmai】Tsuchigumo, Momijigari, Nihon Takitsuden, Takiyashahime, Modoribashi, Yamanashi
Local Shrine/ Hachiman Shrine
Performance period at a local shrine/ 2nd Saturday in October
Past performance results/Shrine dedication in various parts of the prefecture (multiple years) Various events Wedding receptions Meetings and entertainment at hotels We perform about 30 times a year, such as performances at various facilities.
Business trip kagura performance/ Yes


4-23-20 Yahatahigashi, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima 731-5115, Japan

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