Therapy experience at a highland resort area at an altitude of about 500m!

  • Take a leisurely stroll through lush highland forests (Senyogahara area)
  • Promenade on the shore of the lake (Taishakukyo, Shinryuko area)
  • Take a leisurely stroll through lush highland forests (Senyogahara area)
  • Promenade on the shore of the lake (Taishakukyo, Shinryuko area)

Jinseki Kogen was certified as a therapy base in 2014.
Therapy roads are set up in “Senyogahara”, which is said to have been a training ground for training hermits in the past, and one of the country's leading valleys “Taishakukyo”.
You can enjoy forest therapy in the rich nature of the plateau, forest therapy with therapy dogs, which is the first nationwide base in the Senyogahara area! In the Taishakukyo area, it is also recommended to enjoy an outdoor experience after therapy.

Jinseki Kogen Tiergarten Therapy Road (Senyogahara Area)

Therapy road that can also be used in wheelchairs
Therapy programs with dogs

Fureai Komorebi Road approx. 3.9 km

This is a cycling course in the park where you can pass through the rows of maple trees. You will walk slowly while enjoying the scenery. At the turnaround point, you can also use a yoga mat for meditation time. Since it is also used as a cycling road, it can also be used in wheelchairs. You can also enjoy Forest Therapy® with a therapy dog, which is the first nationwide base.

Therapy dogs

[Featured column]
Therapy Dogs
~ Forest Therapy Base, the first in Japan! ~

In the Senyogahara area, you can do forest therapy with forest therapy dogs. Why don't you spend some healing time with those dogs?
<Therapy dog option fee> 1,500 yen
* The full amount of this fee will be sent to Peace Wanko Japan, which protects dogs. ※Reservation is required at least 1 week in advance.

Taishakukyo Sukora Kogen Therapy Road (Taishakukyo/Shinryuko Area)

Therapy guides will support

Shinryu Lake Komichi 2.2 km

This course is connected to the promenade of Taishakukyo, a quasi-national park, where you can stroll through the forest while gazing at the magnificent scenery. Taishakukyo Sukora Kogen is a complex facility where you can enjoy sports and leisure, and you can enjoy various experiences even after therapy.

Taishakukyo/Lake Shinryu is the point here!

【Featured Column】
Best point of Taishakukyo · Shinryu Lake !
~ Refresh your mind and body with an outdoor experience! ~

Let's enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, such as sightseeing boats on Lake Shinryu, kayaking, and Segway experiences that can only be done here in Hiroshima prefecture!

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