A little pounding ♥ Go to the first day ski trip!


2 good friends girls ♥ Try skiing for the first time! Since you can borrow various things such as snowboards and wear, there are few luggage, so it is safe even for girls only ♪

Gather at the bus stop


Arriving at the ski resort ☆ First, go to the rental corner


What you can rent and what to bring

[List of things that can be rented]
・Ski boots
・Ski wear
・Snowboard boots
・Snowboard wear
The contents that can be rented vary depending on the ski resort.
There are many models, sizes, and the latest models available, so check with the ski resort before purchasing. Identification is required when renting, and some goods are not available.
[List of things to bring]
・Gloves (gloves)
・Sweatshirts and sweaters
・Socks, tights, etc. (worn under clothing)
・Lift ticket holder (may be attached to the inside of the garment)
“It’s convenient to have one”
・Face mask
・Neck warmer
・Shockproof case for smartphone
・Coin purse
・Protector (a must-have item for snowboarders)
Even if you forget, you can buy most things at the ski resort, so it’s okay ♪

It's time to hit the slopes!


After changing into ski wear in the changing room, it's time to go to the slopes! Don't forget to buy lift tickets too! Depending on the tour, it is set.

[Recommendation for school participation]
Entering school is a shortcut to progress ♪
Take lessons for beginners!
You may be able to make a reservation in advance, so please check the information on each ski resort.

Lessons start at school!


The lesson starts! (about 2 hours)

It’s difficult at first, but you can tell me very kindly
You can feel your progress.
*Lesson times vary depending on the ski resort.

Let's Go with 2 people!


Let's go on the course!

After the lesson is over, let’s go to the course on our own. There are various courses with characteristics, from courses for beginners to courses for advanced students. Let’s get on the lift too and enjoy it to the fullest!

On the way home...


You can rest assured on the ski bus on your way home!

Change clothes in the changing room and return a set of rented equipment. Even if you’re tired after playing a lot, you can rest assured that you can go back on the ski bus. Thank you for your hard work!

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