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So that we don't forget. Visit the buildings that survived the bomb and look back at the events of that fateful day

Tragic and immediately recognizable sight of the Atomic Bomb Dome with its exposed steel dome and crumbling walls. On August 6, 1945, the center of the city became a burning wasteland, and an atomic bomb exploded just 160 meters from the dome, killing thousands of people. In the midst of this disaster, I heard that there were many buildings like the Dome that survived the explosion. I was walking around I decided to see it with my own eyes.

The Atomic Bomb Dome showcases the precious nature of peace
“Rest House” which is also used as a tourist center
The basement of the rest house remained intact after the bombing.
Hypo Center's Shima Hospital

My first visit was “Rest House”, located 170 meters from the center. It is now a tourist information center and rest area, but at the time of the bombing, it was a kimono shop and a shop selling textiles. After the bomb exploded, the entire building, except the basement, was completely destroyed.

You can visit the basement preserved after the war. All I had to do was register for the reception.I decided to go down and look at the basement.The walls were black, and I could still see the real scars of the falling brick pillars and bombs.

It took me a few minutes on foot to Shima Hospital on Ground Zero. The target of the bomb was the Aioi Bridge, but the bomb actually exploded 300 meters away and 600 meters above the hospital. Ground temperatures around this area were between 3,000 and 4,000 degrees Celsius.

A message to missing loved ones written on the wall of the Peace Museum at Fukuromachi Elementary School
Some climb the stairs in the cellar, surviving the bomb.
Documents at the time the bomb was marked
In the hallway

Next, we visited the Peace Museum at Fukuromachi Elementary School. Here, part of the school building was preserved, along with basements and classrooms where many survivors wrote messages for their missing loved ones. Desperate messages are piled up on the walls, which not only convey a tense atmosphere immediately after the bombing, but also express concern for the safety of family members.At the time of the bomb, three children were in the basement and survived the explosion, I felt a bit of hope when I heard that three children were in the basement and survived the explosion I put it on.

The former Hiroshima branch of the Bank of Japan stands in the middle of a burnt wasteland.
In front of the former Hiroshima branch of the Bank of Japan
Atomic bomb exhibition on the 2nd floor of the former Hiroshima branch of the Bank of Japan
Praying for world peace and ringing a bell at the Children's Peace Monument
Praying for Bomb Victims in Front of the Monument

If you want to deepen your understanding of the atomic bomb and peace, I recommend that you spend a lot of time wandering around the Peace Museum, the monument, and the Children's Peace Memorial, all of which can be found inside the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.
After visiting the buildings affected by the bomb, I felt it was important not to repeat the mistakes of the past to see the current vibrant city of Hiroshima, surrounded by lush vegetation and clean rivers. The value of peace will stay with me forever.

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