Explanation of the “Safety and Security Measures” icon


Efforts to take measures for safety and security at facilities are displayed as icons.
1) Implementation of staff wearing masks
・Thoroughly implement cough etiquette, wearing a mask, washing hands and disinfecting hands
2) Implementation of staff health management
・The temperature is measured every day and 37.5 degrees or higher encourages you to visit a medical institution as necessary,
Diagnosis results are recorded in the hall
・In addition to fever, symptoms such as cough, dyspnea, general malaise, sore throat, etc.
Wait at home
3) Implementation of frequent evocation
・Fully open windows in two directions once, for about a few minutes, and twice per hour
4) Disinfection and cleaning of facilities
・Identify places and frequencies that are touched by hands, such as items and doorknobs shared with others,
Thoroughly disinfect and clean high-frequency contact areas
5) Ensuring physical distance
・Secure a minimum of 1m with 2m as a guide as much as possible
6) Implementation of splash prevention measures (shields, etc.)
・When conducting face-to-face sales, shield the space between the buyer and the buyer with an acrylic board, etc.
7) Dissemination of information on infection prevention measures
・ Disseminate infection prevention measures implemented by the facility side on the facility's website, etc.
Currently, we are sequentially confirming the safety and security measures of each facility, and the information will be updated from time to time.

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