Seven bridges connect seven islands with the scenery of Setouchi

The "Tobishima Kaido" begins at the "Akinada Bridge" that connects Kawashiri Town, Kure City and Shimo-kamagari Island. The mild climate and scenic scenery of Setouchi. Each of the bridges connecting the islands is unique and connects to "Kamagari Bridge", "Toshima Bridge", "Toshima Bridge", "Heira Bridge", "Nakanoseto Bridge" and "Okamura Bridge". The total length of the Tobishima Kaido is about 100 km round trip. Cyclists dominate the entire island. Families and tourists should go around one island. There is also a route from the last island "Okamura Island" to "Shimanami Kaido" and "Imabari", so long rides are possible.


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Car: About 40 minutes by car from Kure IC. Bus: Take the "Tobishima Liner (bound for Toyohama)" from the bus stop in front of JR Kure Station or Hiroekimae.

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