When you visit Hiroshima, we want you to try it at least once

Find all the secrets behind the deliciousness of the traditional “Hiroshima Wagyu” and restaurants where you can eat beef dishes.

“Setouchi Hiroshima lemon” boasts the largest production volume in Japan. A variety of recipes using “Hiroshima lemon-nabe” and “Setouchi Hiroshima lemon”, which have been attracting attention recently, have been released.

In addition, we will also introduce the local “Navy Gourmet” of Kure City.

Hiroshima Wagyu

The finest “Hiroshima Wagyu”
A steak characterized by soft meat
Cows that are raised with care in rich nature

Hiroshima Wagyu beef, full of history and tradition

“Hiroshima Wagyu” is a branded beef meat that come from the Hiroshima lineage, rich in history and tradition. It is nurtured with care by producers in a privileged environment. It is characterized by a delicate and rich flavor and an elegant taste.

Setouchi Hiroshima lemon

“Setouchi Hiroshima Lemon” shines in golden color
A lemon field that spreads out as if overlooking the Seto Inland Sea
“Hiroshima Lemon Nabe” with a refreshing taste

“Setouchi Hiroshima Lemon” grown in a warm climate

Hiroshima prefecture boasts the largest lemon production in Japan. “Setouchi Hiroshima Lemon” grown in a warm climate does not use mildew-proofing agents, so you can even eat the skin. Introducing exquisite gourmet foods using lemons, represented by the most popular “Hiroshima Lemon Nabe” (pot)!

Navy gourmet

“Kurekai Ji Curry” that reproduces the curry actually eaten by Kure no Umi Ships, etc.
Kure's “nikujaga” made based on the recipe of “sweet boiled”
An odd number of green peas are attached to omurice

Kure's local gourmet “Navy gourmet”

You can try the Navy's gourmet in Kure, a town related to the Navy.

In addition to the famous “Kure Navy curry,” you can also enjoy high-caliber menus such as “Nikujaga” that was once tasted by Marshal Togo Heihachiro. For a more special meal, you can try the “Battleship Yamato's Omurice” that is cooked the same way as on the famous boat.

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