Let's fully enjoy the splendor of traditional performing arts

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In Hiroshima, kagura is still popular as something familiar, and in recent years, while valuing its role as a Shinto ritual, a stage with high entertainment that can be enjoyed by adults and children is a hot topic, and performances are held every weekend It’s so popular. Why don’t you check the performance schedule and feel free to go out?

Hiroshima Kagura is hot!


The gorgeous costumes and brilliant dances are impressive when you watch them up close!

Recently, Hiroshima Kagura has been incorporating theatrical elements as a show, such as the luxury of costumes and props, and has risen to the realm of performing arts. Kagura competitions and regular performances are popular and are showing excitement. “Kagura Girls,” who are not Carp girls who are addicted to their charms, also appeared! In addition, there is a kagura boom in Hiroshima now, with kagura being shown at inauguration ceremonies and wedding entertainment.

Also pay attention to the children's kagura group!


Adults lose their faces! Perform powerful traditional dances

Children’s kagura is also thriving, and the splendor of traditional performing arts has been passed down. The dance that is performed according to the hayashi is full of power even for children, and it is full of power, and it is full of power! I’m paying attention to the dance that is defeated by adults.

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