The production of soft light makes it a fantastic place

  • Illumination of Ozekiyama Park (Miyoshi City)
  • Illumination of Buttsu-ji Temple (Mihara City)
  • Illumination of the Maple Festival (Akitakata City)
  • Illumination of Ozekiyama Park (Miyoshi City)
  • Illumination of Buttsu-ji Temple (Mihara City)
  • Illumination of the Maple Festival (Akitakata City)

There are also spots in Hiroshima prefecture where you can enjoy the illuminated autumn leaves. In the daytime, famous spots that are crowded with people enjoying autumn leaves are transformed into elegant spaces illuminated by light when the sun goes down.

Ozekiyama Park (Miyoshi City)

Illumination of Ozekiyama Park
Take a leisurely stroll among the colored trees
There are many spectacular spots in the park

You can enjoy the glamor of the daytime and the fantastic atmosphere after sunset

Ozekiyama Park has a panoramic view of the city of Miyoshi from the summit. The walking path to the observatory is covered with red and yellow trees, and the scenery just like a maple tunnel continues. It is lit up at night, and the fall foliage reflected in the pond creates a fantastic space.

Buttsu-ji Temple (Mihara City)

Illumination of Buttsu-ji
Buttsuji Sando
Quaint stone lanterns

Appreciate the fall foliage while feeling the solemn atmosphere

Buttsu-ji Temple is known as one of the best Zen dojos in Japan. The maple leaves on the approach cover the overhead like an arch and warmly welcome visitors. Colorful autumn leaves such as maple leaves and maple trees are also lit up for a limited time. The beauty of autumn leaves stands out even more in a solemn atmosphere.

Maple grove at the ruins of Yuisho-an (Akitakata City)

Light up at the Maple Festival
A maple forest with high academic value
The reflection on the surface of the river is also beautiful

Also enjoy the appearance that is different from the daytime

A maple forest that is also designated as a natural monument by the prefecture. You can admire the beautiful appearance of maples dyed red hanging down toward the surface of the river. A maple festival is held when maples are most beautifully colored. The light up is only during the Maple Festival, so don’t miss it.

Sankeien Garden (Mihara City)


Leaves are lit up in the Japanese garden at night

Limited to Saturdays and Sundays during the “Momiji Festival”, the closing time will be extended until 20:00, and the area around the ocean and Momijidani will be lit up, centering on Sankeien Shiomitei. You can enjoy the illumination of the Japanese garden and the maple trees at night. It is a 3-minute walk from Hiroshima Airport to Sankeien Main Gate.

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