There are lots of great deals on Children's Day!


Various limited plans are held for each ski resort, such as advantageous price settings and family-friendly events.
* The contents of the implementation vary depending on the ski resort.

Megahira Onsen Megahira Ski Resort Every - Saturday is Children's Day!!


Every Saturday, a lift ticket for elementary school students is 1,000 yen (valid on the day/admission fee included)! *Normally, a 9-hour ticket is 4,000 yen
In addition, there are plenty of kids/junior lessons.
Penguins will come to play on 1/22 (Sat), 23 (Sun), 2/19 (Sat), 20 (Sun)!

Yawata Highland 191 Resort - 1st, 3rd, and 5e Saturdays are Children's Day (designated Saturdays: 1/1/15/29, 2/5/19, 3/3)


The second and fourth Saturdays are family days (designated Saturdays: 12/25, 1/8, 22, 2/12, 26, 3/12)

Lift tickets are free for children under elementary school age
* However, it is limited to cases accompanied by guardians (parents).

Geihoku Kogen Osa Ski Resort 1/2 · 16, 2/6 · 20 Junior Lift 1 day ticket is very good value 1,000 yen


There's also Penguin Day, the Osa's specialty!

Lift ticket Junior 1-day ticket 1,000 yen (junior high school students and younger. (Usually 2,500 yen)

★ Penguin Day
January 9 (Sat), 10 (Sun), 11 (Mon/Holiday), February 13 (Sat), 14 (Sun)
Real penguins take a walk along the slopes.

Snow Resort Nekoyama every Saturday in January and February


Get great deals on lift tickets

Elementary school students: 1,000 yen for a lift

Ringo Kyowakoku Ski Resort 1/2/1st and 3rd Saturdays


1-day lift ticket 1,000 yen (elementary school students and younger)

★ Junior Ski & Mogul Ski School
Half-day course Normal 2,000 yen → 1,500 yen (2 hours)
10:00-12:00 a.m. and 13:00-15:00 p.m.
One-day course Normal 4,000 yen → 3,000 yen (about 4 hours)
10:00-15:00 (including 1 hour break)
*Please check the snow cover information on the slopes in advance.

Dogoyama Kogen Ski Resort on the third Saturday of January/February


Dogoyama Kogen Ski Resort on the third Saturday of January/February

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