Both Dad and Mom are very satisfied!


Bringing my first grade daughter to ski and hot springs! There is a snow play space where the whole family can enjoy with peace a variety of courses from beginners to advanced level.

Let's go!


Leave when we are ready!

It's finally the day we were looking forward to skiing! It's hard to prepare in the morning, so we decided to leave slowly.
Don't forget to check the weather and road snow information! We should be ready to run on snowy roads before going out.
It's okay to drive while taking a break on the way. It's closer than we thought and it's easy ♪

We arrived at the ski resort. Should we have a lunch first?

There is a lift ticket from the afternoon, so let's go to the slopes after having lunch!


Every first and third of every month, there are advantageous deals called “Children's Day”.
You can get great deals on lift tickets for children, and discounts for ski classes! Please see each ski resort information for details.

Go to the rental corner!

What you can rent and what to bring

[List of things that can be rented]
・Ski boots
・Ski wear
・Snowboard boots
・Snowboard wear
・Children's helmets

The contents that can be rented vary depending on the ski resort.
There are many models, sizes, and the latest models available, from children to adults, so be sure to check with the ski resort before purchasing. Identification cards are required when renting, and there are goods that are not available.

[List of things to bring]
・Gloves (gloves)
・Sweatshirts and sweaters
・Socks, tights, etc. (worn under clothing)
・Lift ticket holder (may be attached to the inside of the wear)

List of things that may be convenient to have :
・Face mask
・Neck warmer
・Shockproof case for smartphones
・Coin purse
・Protector (a must-have item for snowboarding beginners)

If you forget it, you can buy most things at the ski resort, so it's okay ♪

Let's have a lot of fun ♪

Apply for a ski class and practice from the basics.


If you're skiing or snowboarding for the first time in a while, start with a beginner's course.
Depending on your level, try a slightly difficult course!!
[There are many ways to play in the snow]
There are plenty of facilities that you can enjoy safely even if you are not good at skiing and snowboarding, such as a snow play area where you can play with sleds and tire tubes, and facilities where you can enjoy activities!

※It depends on the ski resort.
[There are also ski resorts where you can snowshoe, so check it out!]
A snowshoe is a tool that is attached to the back of a shoe to walk on snow. It has a spine called a crampon that sticks to snow, so it won't slip.

Overnight at a hot spring

After playing well, let's heal your body in the hot springs!


A blissful moment to heal your tired body.
There are plenty of lodging facilities and hot spring facilities around the ski resort. If you have a ski resort with night skiing facilities, you can enjoy plenty of fun even if you don't slide enough during the day.

Enjoy it the next day too!

Don't forget souvenirs too!


The next day, we enjoyed sliding on the slopes for a long time.
It may be good to enjoy a relaxing time without going to the slopes. Let's buy souvenirs at local shops such as Michi no Eki (roadside stations) before going home.

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