Hiroshima prefecture has an abundance of seafood grown by the nature-rich Seto Inland Sea. Among them, we will introduce carefully selected seafood ingredients such as “Fukuyama (Tomonoura) sea bream”, “Mihara octopus”, “Kure's whitebait”, and “Miyajima conger eel”.

Reason why fish from the Seto Inland Sea are delicious 1

The Seto Inland Sea, which forms a rich fishing ground
The Seto Inland Sea where you can catch an abundance of delicious seafood

Seafood grown in fishing grounds rich in food

Since the Seto Inland Sea is an “inland sea” surrounded by land on all sides, many rivers containing abundant nutrients from the mountains flow in. The average depth of the ocean is about 30m, but since it is about 200m deep near the strait, the nutrients that flow in accumulate for a long time and generate a lot of plankton. Small shrimp and crabs that feed on fish grow in the shallow water, forming a rich fishing ground where well-fed fish grow.

Why fish from the Seto Inland Sea are delicious 2

Sea bream fishing is popular around Fukuyama (Tomonoura)
Mihara's fresh octopus

Tight fish, trained by the current

The Seto Inland Sea is said to have a large difference in tides, sometimes up to about 2 meters or more. There is a difference in elevation in the height of the sea surface and a strong tide flow (tide current) occurs. Compared to the ocean currents (Kuroshio) in the open sea (Sotomi) such as the Pacific Ocean, fish that swam around in the fast current grow into tasty fish that are tight. In Hiroshima prefecture, you can taste fresh seafood that grows in the Seto Inland Sea and has a condensed flavor.

Sea bream in Fukuyama (Tomonoura)

Tai meshi

The famous sea bream rice is excellent

Fukuyama (Tomonoura) where the traditional fishing method “sea bream fishing” is still handed down. During the “sea bream net fishing” season that starts in May, you can observe the powerful fishing from the top of the boat up close. The famous tai-rice is a local gourmet dish that you should definitely try.

Mihara's octopus

Mihara's octopus dishes

Brand octopus “Mihara Yassa Octopus”

Mihara is known as one of the leading octopus producing areas in the Seto Inland Sea. In addition to octopus rice, there is an abundance of octopus gourmet foods such as “takoyaki” and “octopus tempura” using the brand octopus “Mihara Yassa Octopus” from the Mihara Fisheries Cooperative Association.

Kure's whitebait


Specialty products of Hiroshima prefecture

“Chirimen” is the name for whitbait in japanese. It is made in the Ondo district of Kurahashijima in Kure City and have a flavorful taste with the scent of the tide of the Seto Inland Sea. It is known as a specialty of Hiroshima prefecture and is popular as a souvenir.

Conger eel from Miyajima

Conger eel rice

Local food you want to taste when you visit Itsukushima Shrine

When you visit Miyajima, where Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage Site, stands, you'll want to taste “eel rice”. The soft conger eel and the special sauce entwined with warm rice become addictive.

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