Spring Waterside Concert 2022


Spring Waterside Concert 2022

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[Contents of the event]
Concerts by musicians and performers are being held at the Shinsui Terrace on the opposite bank of the Atomic Bomb Dome.
This is sponsored by the “City of Water Hiroshima Promotion Council” (Secretariat: Hiroshima City Economy and Tourism Bureau Tourism Policy Department Hospitality Promotion Officer) composed of citizens and governments in order to increase the attractiveness of the waterfront of Hiroshima City and lead to the revitalization of the city As part of efforts to realize “Hiroshima, the City of Water,” at the “Waterside Concert,” it is being carried out with the aim of creating a lively waterfront through citizens' arts and culture activities.
Regarding the implementation of the concert, the Hiroshima Promotion Council of the City of Water has received occupancy permission based on the River Act from the country (Ota River Office) that is the manager of this hydrophilic terrace, and the actual concert venue management It is done by an NPO corporation.

Date and time

Date held time Performers Governing body Remarks
4/2 (Sat) TBD TBD Nagomi Project
4/10 (Sun) TBD TBD NPO Polano
4/16 (Sat) TBD TBD Nagomi Project
4/23 (Sat) Preliminary TBD NPO Polano
4/24 (Sun) TBD TBD NPO Art Salon Hiroshima
4/30 (Sat) TBD TBD Nagomi Project
5/3 (Tuesday/holiday) TBD TBD NPO Art Salon Hiroshima
5/5 (Thursd/holiday) TBD TBD Nagomi Project
5/8 (Sun) TBD TBD NPO One Seed
5/14 (Sat) Preliminary TBD Nagomi Project
5/15 (Sun) TBD TBD NPO Polano
5/21 (Sat) TBD TBD The 18th Waterside Brass Band Festival
5/22 (Sun) Preliminary TBD The 18th Waterside Brass Band Festival
5/29 (Sun) TBD TBD NPO One Seed
6/4 (Sat) TBD TBD Nagomi Project
6/5 (Sun) Preliminary TBD NPO Polano
6/11 (Sat) Preliminary TBD Nagomi Project
6/12 (Sun) TBD TBD NPO Art Salon Hiroshima
6/19 (Sun) TBD TBD NPO Art Salon Hiroshima

* As a general rule, it is canceled in rainy weather. Concert preliminary days may also be held when there is a day that is canceled due to rain, etc., on the day before the preliminary date.

<Request for preventing the spread of novel coronavirus infections>

・Please wear a mask and keep cough etiquette in mind when visiting the venue. Also, please leave an interval to the extent that densities do not occur, and refrain from cheering loudly.
・Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever or symptoms such as cough or sore throat (even if it is mild), or if you have visited an area or country where the infection has spread within the past 2 weeks.
・If you are concerned about your health or physical condition other than the above, please refrain from visiting the venue.
・ Please install and use the new coronavirus contact confirmation application (abbreviated COCOA) operated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for yourself and to prevent the spread of infection to others.
Links to the COCOA app Here (external link)
・Please keep food and drink during the viewing period to hydration and refrain from eating.
・ The contents of the event may be changed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.
Checklist for infection prevention measures at the time of event


We are looking for companies that agree with the purpose of the waterside concert and sponsor the concert.
● Contents
・We will receive sponsorship money from companies and hold a waterside concert.
・For sponsored companies, the company logo will be posted on this website, PR leaflets, and the concert venue on the day.
● Sponsorship period
1 year
● Sponsorship amount
30,000 yen
● Application for sponsorship
Please contact the Hiroshima City Economy and Tourism Bureau Tourism Policy Department Omotenashi Promotion Officer.
Telephone 082-504-2676
FAX 082-504-2253
E-mail: kanko-omo@city.hiroshima.lg.jp
● The logos of the list of companies and organizations that sponsor and cooperate with the waterside concert are posted below.


Recruitment of waterside artists

In order to make use of the waterside public space by artists who are active as musicians and performers, and to create a lively waterside through arts and culture activities, “waterside public space” We are looking for “waterside artists” who can be excited as follows.

[How to apply]
If you are an artist active in the field of music, performance, etc., who can read the following [Registration Conditions] and accept the contents, please do the following by postcard, fax, or email Please fill it out and send it to us. (” (Please use the “Waterside Artist Registration Form”.)
(1) Name (in the case of a group, the name of the group, the name of the representative, and the number of members.)
*Names and group names will be published on the Hiroshima City website, etc.
(2) Contact information (address, telephone number, mobile phone number, fax number, E-mail)
(3) Appearance content (genre, repertoire, organization, etc.)
(4) PR (activity results, comments, etc. (You can mail CDs, photos, etc.)
[Registration conditions]
Please accept the following conditions before applying.
1. It is not possible to issue “appearance fees” or “transportation expenses” for appearances.
・It is now possible to sell CDs and goods of artists who perform on a trial basis. (Please consult the secretariat in advance when selling.)
・Permission is required when using a car to carry musical instruments such as keyboards. Please consult with the secretariat in advance.
2. Hard rock and heavy metal performances that assume high volume cannot be performed.
3 There are restrictions on the instruments that can be used.
・Drums cannot be used. However, electronic drums can be used.
・Amplifiers for electronic musical instruments cannot be brought in, but amplifiers prepared by the secretariat can be used. (Amplifiers with functions specified by the secretariat can be brought in, so please contact us in advance.)
・As a general rule, trumpets and saxophones cannot be used.
・Wadaiko drums cannot be used.
4 Concert appearances
・Artists will be notified when the concert schedule is decided.
・To apply for appearances, please apply directly to the organization that runs the concert at least one month before the concert date.
5 The appearance of the waterside concert will be shown on the Hiroshima City website. In addition, it may be published in various information magazines, etc. Please acknowledge it.
6. In addition to waterside concerts, when we hold an event to recruit performing artists, we will provide information to artists who wish to perform.
・Please check the checkbox on the Waterfront Artist Registration Form and 6 [I want other event information].
・The secretariat will send an e-mail to the artists, so please reply if you would like to perform. After that, the event operator and the artist will be responsible for coordinating liaison.
7 At the Hydrophilic Terrace opposite the Atomic Bomb Dome, it is not possible to perform performances with speakers facing the opposite bank (dome side). The direction of the stage is either upstream or downstream.


2022/04/02(SAT) - 2022/06/19(SUN)
Hydrophilic terrace opposite the Atomic Bomb Dome
1 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Phone Number

City of Water Hiroshima Promotion Council Secretariat

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