[Happy Berry Farm] Picking blueberries ♪

Blueberry picking opens from July 23 to August 31 ♪

* The period and contents may change depending on the weather, growth conditions, etc. Please be aware of it.


[Happy Berry Farm] Picking blueberries ♪

Unlimited time ❢ All-you-can-eat ❢

Picking blueberries (≧ ▽ ≦) ♪

 Happy blueberry farm opens from 7/23 to 8/31 ‼

☆ Unlimited time picking

☆ You can enjoy jam making experience (reservation required) and juice making.

☆ There are also sales and shipments of blueberries!

Let's spend time slowly without worrying about time ❕

There are about 3600 blueberries of 4 types, including very sweet varieties and sweet and sour varieties on the farm!
All-you-can-eat with unlimited time! Please enjoy picking while searching for your favorite flavor ♪

You can take a walk, eat lunch, or take a break at the lawn plaza.
You can bring your own, so please spend a day freely enjoying a lot of blueberries.
There is a gentle slope, and if you go up to the highest point of the farm, you can see the town of Mizuho.

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Jam making experience ❕

Experience fee 1,000 yen (2 jam jars included)
Start time AM 11:00 ~
Capacity up to 4 groups (please contact us for the number of people)
※Stone kiln bread is gone.
(It is possible to bring it in, so please contact us)
*An entrance fee is required separately from the experience fee.
Example: Admission fee: 600 yen for adults+1,000 yen for experience = 1,600 yen

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Somen nagashi ❕

You can cook somen noodles easily, such as boiling or cooling them.

Please bring your own ingredients and tableware.

Please take home food waste and unnecessary items.

Usage fee 1 pair (within 1 hour) 500 yen

※Reservations are required.

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2022/07/23(SAT) - 2022/08/31(WED)
8:00 to 17:00
Fee Adults (junior high school students and above) 600 yen

Children (elementary school students) 200 yen

Free for children under elementary school

* Comes with a 100g pack for takeout (1 pack per person)

* Additional takeout → All-you-can-pack in a pack that holds about 1.2 kg for 2200 yen
Phone Number
Fax number


848-1 Shimokamedani, Onan-cho, Ochi-gun, Shimane

[Those who come by car]

About 20 minutes from Mizuho IC

Go down at the Mizuho IC and go out to Prefectural Road No. 5. If you go straight as it is, it will join National Route 261.

About 15 minutes from the Oasa IC

On the way from Hiroshima to the roadside station, turn right at the traffic light in front of the station, and there will be a signboard and a climb at the end, so please come there as a landmark.

[Those who come by bus]

From Hiroshima Station

■ Take the “Iwami Ginzan” and get off at “Michi-no-Eki Mizuho” in Tadokoro

■ Get on the “Isaribi” and get off at the “Oasa IC” and get on the bus bound for “Michi-no-Eki Mizuho”

From Hiroshima Bus Center

■Please get on the “Iwami Ginzan” or “Isaribi” from Platform 9

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