Hiroshima Dorimation 2022

Heart-warming “fairyland” with the sparkle of memories of this winter

Area B “Golden Castle”

Hiroshima Dorimation 2022

Under the

theme of “fairyland,” the city center, such as Heiwa Boulevard, will be illuminated.


2022/11/17(THU) - 2023/01/03(TUE)
17:30 to 22:30

※On the first day only, 18:00-22:30 (due to the opening ceremony)
City centers such as Heiwa Boulevard
Target person
Event content

As a highlight this year, in addition to the projection mapping talking tree “Green Woodman,” which has been well received every year, the adorable “Woodman Baby” will be newly introduced. Also, the renewed “Merry-Go-Round” and the “Glowing Keyboard,” where you can enjoy the changes between sound and light, will also be newly introduced. Please explore a unique world of Dorimination that is a bit different from the rest.

[Implementation area]

① Heiwa Boulevard North-South Green Zone (Shirajin-mae - Tanakacho intersection)

② Namiki-dori, Kinza-dori, Chuo-dori, Hondori, and Nakatana shopping streets

③ Public spaces such as Alice Garden, Toshin Tenchi Public Square, Kyobashi River Right Bank, etc.

④ Motomachi Credo Kamiyacho Chareo Hakushima Cue Garden

⑤ Facilities etc. around Hiroshima Station

[Sweets cafe]

“Sweets Cafe” will appear for the first time in 3 years.

We are waiting for you with hot menus that are great for the cold winter, such as hot coffee and French toast.

We also sell sparkling illuminated goods, so be sure to stop by.

(Business day) *Canceled during stormy weather

11/17 (Thu) to 11/20 (Sun)

November 23 (holiday)

November 25 (Fri) to November 27 (Sun)

12/2 (Fri) to 12/4 (Sun)

12/9 (Fri) to 12/11 (Sun)

12/16 (Fri) to 12/18 (Sun)

12/23 (Fri) to 12/25 (Sun)

Hiroshima-shi Naka-ku Heiwa Boulevard and others

Hiroshima Light Up Project Executive Committee Secretariat Business Promotion Headquarters

TEL: 082-554-1813

※Weekdays 9:00 to 17:45

MAIL: kankou-2@hiroshima-navi.or.jp


In order

to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, please comply with the following items when visiting the venue.

① Please refrain from talking loudly in the venue.

② Please wear a mask and cooperate with cough etiquette.

③ If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, taste/smell disorder, etc., or if you are worried about your health or physical condition, please refrain from visiting.


Hiroshima-shi Naka-ku Heiwa Boulevard and others

・Get off at the streetcar “Fukuromachi Tram Stop” and walk for about 2 minutes

・About 25 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Hiroshima IC via National Route 54

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