Sake festival

🍶 “Sake City Saijo” autumn tradition


Sake festival

The 2023 Sake Festival is full of volume, with not only a sake plaza, but also a sake hot pot venue, a sake brewery event, a main venue, a cultural exchange venue, an exciting kids square, a corporate PR corner, a satake mushroom venue, and a JA petting venue. This year, we have established a new international exchange plaza, and we have prepared a variety of venues where you can enjoy yourself more safely and securely

than ever before.

Also, Taisakubayashi Jinshi, Himegamisaki, and Sakamidarayashi also parade around town.

Sake festival

For the first time in 4 years, a sake festival will be held without restrictions.

This year's theme is “Tsugu.” They pour and drink alcohol, connect Higashihiroshima with the world, and inherit the pride of the local area and the history of sake festivals.

We have prepared an event that visitors can enjoy with a theme that incorporates three meanings.

Please look forward to a sake festival that can respond to the new era by making use of the new wisdom and experience experienced over the past 3 years.

Please check the official Sake Festival website for details.


2023/10/07(SAT) - 2023/10/08(SUN)
10/7 (Sat) 10:00 to 19:00 (the event at the brewery ends at 17:00)

10/8 (Sun) 10:00 to 17:00
Saijo Central Park and Saijo Sakagura-dori area
[Admission tickets are required for paid venues]

🍲 Sake hot pot venue: 13,000 yen (1 table, 4 servings)

🍶 Sake Plaza: Advance tickets 3,000 yen, same-day admission tickets 3,500 yen

* Both the “Sake Hot Pot Hall” and the “Sake Plaza” have an hour system. Please check the official Sake Festival website for details.
Phone Number
Sake Festival Executive Committee

Sake Festival Executive Committee



Higashihiroshima-shi Saijo Sakae-cho

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