Hiroshima Bay Night Cruises Campaign 


Hiroshima Bay Night Cruises Campaign 

At this year's Hiroshima Bay Night Cruises, we will be running a boarding campaign where many people can experience the charms of the Seto Inland Sea.

Those who have applied can enjoy cruising on any of the following 6 boarding courses by lottery.

Please apply and enjoy the sunset over the Seto Inland Sea and the night view from the boat.


2024/06/15(SAT) - 2024/06/30(SUN)
It depends on the boarding course.
Up to 5 people per application

[Application Period/Application Method, etc.]

1. Application period
< () is the period during which it is possible to board >
Reiwa 6/15 (Sat) to 6/30 (Sun)
(Reiwa 6/7/13 (Sat) to 9/30 (Mon))

*The application period may be extended depending on the application status.

2. How to apply
Please fill in the following details ① to ⑤ on your email or postcard (*postmarked valid 6/30) and apply.

① Zip code/address ② Name ③ Age (students are also in school year) ④ Phone number ⑤ Number of people who wish to board (up to 5 people per application)

※ Please fill in ②③ for all those who wish to board the ship.

*You cannot choose a boarding course.

3. Where to apply
⑴ email

⑵ postcard
Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building 6th Floor, 5-44 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, 730-0011 (inside Hiroshima Tourism Conference Center)
Hiroshima Bay Night Cruises Executive Committee

4. How to determine applicants
Lottery (first-come-first-served basis when the application period is extended)

5. Lottery method
Of the following boarding courses, a lottery will be held between the B course and the F course to determine the winners.

The lottery will be held again for those who were unselected, and 2 people x 2 groups will be invited to the A course.

6. Lottery results
It will be announced with a “Notice of Election Decision” to be sent to the winners.

7. Number of winners
About 200 people

8. Boarding Course (For details, please check the link pages for each boarding course.)
A Setonaikai Cruise “Hiroshima Bay Cruise - Ginga Dinner Cruise
(Cruise Galaxy Dinner Cruise)

B Kamimura Kisen “Hiroshima-Kirikushi Ferry
(Osanpo Cruise)

C Ninoshima Kisen “Ninoshima Osanpo Cruise”

D Setouchi Sealine “Sunset Cruise

E Aqua Net Hiroshima “Miyajima Light-up Cruise”

F Riversea Cruise “Hiroshima River Sunset Cruise”

9. Precautions, boarding methods, etc.
⑴ If multiple winners of the same applicant are selected as a result of the lottery, the second round will be invalidated.

⑵ Please present the “Notice of Election Decision” when boarding the ship and get on board.

⑶ For courses that require reservations, we will inform you on the winning decision notice, so please make a reservation with the operating company in advance.

⑷ You cannot disembark halfway on either course.

10.Contact Information
Hiroshima Bay Night Cruising Executive Committee (within Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau)
※Inquiries are handled in Japanese only.

Phone: 082-554-1813
E-mail: kankou-2@hiroshima-navi.or.jp

Phone Number
(082) 554-1813

(Weekdays 9:00 to 17:45)
email address


1-13 Ujinakaigan, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-city

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