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There are only a few places in the country where you can see active ships. Kure, the city of the Navy Yard, is one of them, and a cruise with a spectacular view is unique to Kure! In addition to viewing, tours are also held where you can actually see the inside of the ship. Ship tour is an indispensable travel keyword in Kure.


Warship scenery unique to Kure!

“Kure” is a port town where the battleship Yamato was built and was said to be the largest naval arsenal town in Japan. Currently, there is a major base of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, and ships anchored off the coast of Kure Bay can be viewed not only from land, but also from cruise ships. When you approach a ship with a ship, you will be overwhelmed by its power. We will introduce a cruise experience where you can meet the scenery unique to Kure.

Get close to an active ship! A powerful cruise experience

Commentary by the Maritime Self-Defense Force OB is also one of the attractions
An active ship appears in front of you

【10】Kure Bay Ship Tour <Cruise Experience/Regular Operation>

A cruise experience that is rare even in the whole country, approaching a ship that is anchored. You can see various ships such as submarines and escort ships nearby, and you can also see the dog trail of the battleship “Yamato”! Guidance by the Maritime Self-Defense Force OB is also one of the attractions. It takes about 35 minutes, and there are 4-5 tours a day, but it is better to book in advance because of its popularity.

Limited to the evening! Also check out “Yugo Cruise”!

[Featured column]
Limited to the evening! Also check out “Yugure Cruise”!
~ Limited cruise with only one flight per day ~

“Kure Bay Ship Tour” is operated by changing its name to “Evening(Yu) Kure Cruise” according to the sunset time. You can see the trumpet of “Kimigayo” played on each ship, and the self-defense flag raised on the ship is lowered. Please experience the special scenery while enjoying the sunset cruise that changes its expression every moment.

Tour the view spots of Kure Bay with only one coin

View the shipyards from the ship
Active ships can also be seen from the sea

【11】Kure Bay Walk Cruise <Cruise Experience/Regular Service>

A 45-minute cruise experience that takes you back and forth from Kure Port to Koyo Port. From aboard the boat, you can see the Tetsu no Kujira Hall You can enjoy plenty of ships from the Yamato Museum, shipyards, and the ships of the Maritime Self-Defense Force. You can also listen to guides on Sundays (with designated hours).

It's a waste if you just look at it! A rare experience where you can actually board an active ship!!

[Featured Column] A rare experience where you can actually board an active ship!!
~ Open to the public on Sundays ~

One ship on active duty is open to the public on Sundays. It is a free tour of the ship's interior and deck while listening to the commentary of active duty members. It is carried out 3 times a day, about 1 hour each time. Advance reservations are required, so check the website for details.

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