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Tomonoura is located on the Numakuma Peninsula protruding to the southeast of Hiroshima prefecture. It is a port town also known as the “port waiting for the tide,” where ships traveling through the Seto Inland Sea during the Edo period stopped to wait for the tide, and it was also selected as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. Why don't you enjoy a port town with Setouchi atmosphere on a cruise or regular route?


Fully enjoy the scenery of Setouchi

Tomonoura is a port town known as the “port of waiting for the tide,” where ships traveling through the Seto Inland Sea stopped in the Edo period to wait for the tide. You can see islands such as Sensuijima and Bentenjima on the opposite bank, and the scenery typical of Setouchi spreads everywhere. Climb aboard a cruise or regular route to explore the nostalgic port city.

Enjoy an elegant cruise around the harbor waiting for the tide

Abuto Kannon shines in the Seto Inland Sea
Nightlights can also be seen from the ship
Benzaiten Fukujudo on Bentenjima

【16】Tomonoura Abuto Cruise <Cruise Experience/Regular Service>

Including the Abuto Kannon built at the tip of Cape Abu Cruise around the nightlight, Benzaiten Fukuju-do, etc. From the ship, the location typical of Tomonoura, which flourished as a “port waiting for the tide,” spreads out, and you can see shipyards and bridges in various places. It takes 40 to 60 minutes, arrives and departs from the inn “Abuto Honkan”, and operates 2 types of routes It's there. Advance reservations are required (10 people).

Take a boat named after Ryoma Sakamoto to Sensuijima

About 3 flights operate every hour
Goshikiwa in Sensuijima

【17】Heisei Iroha Maru <Sensuijima⇔Tomonoura/Regular service >

Sensuijima Island, named after it “is so beautiful that a hermit gets drunk,” is a scenic spot representing Tomonoura. You can get there from Tomonoura by regular boat in about 5 minutes. The hull of the liner is named after Sakamoto Ryoma, which is closely related to Tomonoura, and has an atmosphere that imitates a steamboat boarded by the Kaientai. Board a ship that will excite your travel mood and head to Sensuijima Island.

Traditional event “sightseeing sea bream net”

【Featured Column】
Traditional Event “Sightseeing Sea Net”
~ Watching Traditional Fishing from the Boat ~

The sea net is a traditional fishing method that has been handed down in Tomonoura for about 380 years, and it is a festival that tells the early summer of Tomonoura. You can observe the old-fashioned state of fishing where fishermen stretch their nets and pull up sea bream on a special sightseeing boat. Freshly caught sea bream is also sold on the spot. If you have the timing, please join us at the onboard event unique to Tomonoura.
* Holding period Every year in May
* A sea bream net viewing ticket (paid) is required. Please check before going out.

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