I recommend it! 10 spots that shine

Introducing secret SNS spots in Hiroshima!
Let's go on a photogenic trip too!

❶ Ogonzan Mountain (night view)

黄金山 (3)
Speaking of the night view of Hiroshima, Ogonzan is one of the prefecture's leading night view spots. There is also good access that it can be reached in about 10 minutes by car from National Route 2, and many couples visit it as a date spot on weekends.

❷ Hiroshima Naka Incineration Plant

中工場 (2)
It is a garbage incinerator that introduces the latest technology, and is an architectural design building that renews the image of a garbage disposal facility designed by world-famous architect Yoshio Taniguchi.

❸ Hiroshima Ohashi Bridge (night view)

It is a spot where the Hiroshima Ohashi Bridge and Kaita Ohashi Bridge that extend to the Hiroshima-Kure Road cross over the sea, and the night view of the bridge lit up at night is very beautiful.

❹ Mount Aratani (sea of clouds)

荒谷山 (2)
Miyoshi City is famous for its sea of clouds in Hiroshima prefecture, but there are no less sea of clouds spots than Hiroshima City! Worth a look!

❺ Hiroshima Castle (Upside Down Castle)

The castle tower of Hiroshima Castle is very beautiful when viewed over the moat. We recommend taking a picture from the outside !

❻ Mariho Digital Art Road

マリーナホップ (1)
“Mariho Digital Art Road” is a projection mapping where images and music weave together on the screen of Marina Hop's seaside promenade “Promenade Deck”. The 160m scale, which is the longest in Japan for permanent installation, is a word of excitement.

❼ Waterside open cafe

水辺のオープンカフェ (2)
Why don't you spend a relaxing time feeling the changing seasons at a stylish waterside cafe?

❽ Orizuru Tower

おりづるタワー (10)
In the observation space on the wooden deck, the scenery you have never seen spreads out below your eyes.

❾ Fukuromachi

●袋町 (2)
The number one shopping area in Hiroshima where the Hondori shopping street, department stores, select shops, and cafes gather.

❿ Mitaki-dera Temple

三瀧寺 (1)
A great photo spot! Scenery that you want to cut out is everywhere, such as stone Buddha showing various expressions and chozubachi where fresh water flows.

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