~G7 Hiroshima Summit Special Feature~

Hiroshima is full of world-class food culture and traditional culture!
At the G7 Hiroshima Summit held the other day, not only the G7 leaders, but also many people, such as their spouses, invited countries, and members of the media, experienced the appeal of Hiroshima.
Among them, this time we will focus on the three “Hiroshima cuisine,” “local sake,” and “traditional culture,” and introduce the charms of Hiroshima that everyone can experience!

Summit-related information

Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU is holding a “G7 Hiroshima Summit Thanks Fair”!
During the summit, products provided to the leaders and wives of each country and related products are being sold in limited quantities.
Please check the official website of Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU for details.

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