Hiroshima okonomiyaki

Speaking of Hiroshima’s specialty dish, “Hiroshima okonomiyaki”.
There are other dishes in which vegetables and pork are mixed into a mixture of flour, such as “Kansai okonomiyaki” and “Monjayaki (Tokyo),” but Hiroshima okonomiyaki is made using a unique method unique to Hiroshima.
First, roll the flour dough into a thin circle on a large iron plate and bake it, and then put plenty of vegetables such as cabbage, bean sprouts, and green onions on it to steam it. Soba is layered on top of it, grilled, coated with sauce for okonomiyaki, and sprinkled with green laver.
If you enter the restaurant and sit in front of the iron plate, you can also see the actual cooking.
Video “Until Hiroshima Okonomiyaki is made”
The general menu is called “soba nikutama,” which contains meat and eggs in soba, and can be eaten for around 700 yen (one piece).


The structure of a representative Hiroshima okonomiyaki
From above
・Pork belly
・Bean sprouts
・Dough made by thinly melting flour

A special sauce enhances the taste of Hiroshima okonomiyaki, but this sauce also differs from shop to store, and some stores make sauces that are original to that shop. It can also be added when there are few sauces. There are also shops where you can buy this sauce as a souvenir.
There is a “teppan” style where you eat Hiroshima okonomiyaki on an iron plate as it is, or a “plate” style where you transfer the baked Hiroshima okonomiyaki to a plate and eat it.
There are also tools for eating “spatula” and “chopsticks”. I cut Hiroshima okonomiyaki by myself with a spatula and eat it as it is, but I need some tricks.

I want to know more! Evolved form, okonomiyaki from various places

In addition to okonomiyaki based on meat ball soba, in Hiroshima prefecture, there are various local “○○yaki” that vary depending on the region, such as minced meat, sand, and rice.

Bingo Fuchu-yaki


Okonomiyaki is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside

An okonomiyaki served in Fuchu that uses minced beef or pork, cabbage, and soba instead of pork belly. The inside is fluffy, and the outside is crispy with minced fat.

Kure yaki

1 (2)

Okonomiyaki unique to Kure

It features a semicircle that uses thin udon, a specialty of Kure, to fold the dough in half so that craftsmen who make ships at the military port can eat it quickly during breaks. It is offered in Kure City.

Shobara yaki

1 (3)

Shobara-yaki has a distinctive personality, such as the ingredients used in each store are different

Based on a simple meat ball okonomiyaki, it is finished with rice from Sho instead of noodles, and ponzu sauce instead of okonomi sauce. It is provided in Shobara City.


1 (4)

You can also enjoy the texture of gizzards

It is an okonomiyaki served in Onomichi, which is characterized by containing gizzard (sand zuri) and squid heaven. There are many shops that are particular about sauces and use original ones.

Junmai Ginjo Takehara Yaki

1 (5)

Sake lees and Japanese sake are used only in sake areas

It is offered in Takehara, a sake district that has “Taketsuru Sake Brewery” etc. It is an okonomiyaki made by kneading sake lees and sake into the dough and baked.

Mihara yaki

1 (6)
1 (11)

Okonomiyaki with chicken offal

The feature of Mihara yaki is that it is served in Mihara City and contains chicken offal. Also, in Mihara, okonomiyaki with soba and udon is called “modern yaki.”

Miyoshi Karamen Yaki

1 (7)

Okonomiyaki that makes you addicted to spiciness

It is an okonomiyaki made with Karp Sauce Dry, which is not sold to the general public of “Mori Jozo,” which is headquartered in Miyoshi City, and kara-noodles kneaded with chili peppers from “Egusa Seimen” in Miyoshi City.

Sera no Omiyaki

1 (8)

Tomatoes, one of the town's specialties

“Sera no Megumi Yaki” which won the 2012 Hiroshima Teppan Grand Prix
The sourness of bright red tomatoes grown in Sera-cho, the aroma of perilla leaves, and the richness of cheese go well together.

Fluffy natto grilled

1 (9)

It is designed so that people who are not good at natto can eat it

Okonomiyaki originated and served in Kumano. It is a piece that you can enjoy a fluffy texture using eggs, natto, yams, etc.


1 (10)

Okonomiyaki developed uniquely in Innoshima, where the shipbuilding industry flourished

It is an okonomiyaki served in Innoshima in Onomichi City. Udon is the mainstream, and there are many shops where noodles are fried with bonito flakes and sauce, and put konjac, squid, kamaboko, and chikuwa.

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